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2014 EDU: GAMES: Learning games in retail management, leadership and coaching at TELUS

Learning games 
in retail management, leadership and coaching 
at Canadian telecom giant TELUS 
Canadian telecom giant TELUS has developed learning games in retail management, leadership and coaching, where employees "choose their own adventure," selecting responses that lead them down different paths, receiving points for choosing the best next steps in true-to-life, virtual scenarios, and comparing themselves to their peers on a leaderboard. Robin Yap (JD, PhD), Paul Bleier, and Benny Ramos will present three gamified programs: Quest, Engage and Ignite.

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Published on Dec 12, 2013
Ignite is a leadership development program where leaders go through an 8-week experience during which they coach a Canadian speed-skating team. Each skater on the team has a personality and storyline, just like a team of employees would in side of TELUS. Over 100 unique conversations have been created for the team of 5 skaters, all of which have been mapped back to one of eleven leadership competencies that TELUS refers to as their Values Attributes.
These exchanges between skater and coach provide insight and virtual experience for common leadership situations that TELUS has seen its leaders struggle with in the past. By allowing this practice in a safe, online environment, people can build comfort and competence in real life leadership.



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