Sunday, March 22, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: VWBPE 2020: Exhibits (1) A conference the easy way 30 seconds to anywhere in virtual worlds

VWBPE 2020: Exhibits (1): A conference the easy way
30 seconds to anywhere in virtual worlds

Picture reports on some of the exhibits by sponsors and exhibitors at VWBPE2020



The VWER group visits 
its VWBPE exhibit

  • This is a bit dark
  •  Here I can turn on the sun
  •  VWER has discussions every week.
  • They are in text chat and archived.

My School 3D

     Fiction fountain

    Click image to enlarge

    • The big arrow points upstairs to the maze

    Infinite Metaverse Alliance



    VCARA- San Jose State University

    Click image to enlarge
    Social networking
    • But we we are in a place.
    • We have avatars.
    • We talk to each other.
    • It is a lot more like the place we are used to.

    Virtual ability

    Past VWBPE conferences

    VWBPE 2014

    VWBPE  2013

        VWBPE 2012

        VWBPE  2011 


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