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2020 VIDEO: #VWEDU: How to use OBS to get video in virtual worlds. Not the long and short of it. Just the short. And a few links to the long.

How to use OBS to get video in virtual worlds.  
Not the long and short of it.  Just the short.  
And a few links to the long.

Use-case instruction for capturing video clips in virtual worlds with OBS.
OBS at the start
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    Open Broadcaster Software

Use-case instructions 

  • Start with a single specified use of the product.
  • Give detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use the product for this goal.
  • Add hyperlinks for how to do anything else needed to complete the task.
  • Plan for use as JIT instruction.
  • Ask for questions, collect and publish a page of FAQ.
  • Use questions to suggest improvements in the instructions.

  • These instructions are developed from use on Windows.  
  • OBS may be slightly different on other operating systems.


  • Look bottom left.
  • Ignore the scenes panel.
  • Start at the sources panel.
  • Open the window for the virtual world you want to capture.
  • For browser-based virtual words, open the browser you will use.
  • To make it easy, you can close all other windows.
  • Right-click the Sources panel.
  • On the resulting menu, select Window.
  • You will get a list of active windows.  
  • If you closed the other windows, the list will only offer the one you want.
  • Click your selection and OK the selection.
  • Click the eye in the line of your chosen source.
  • The source window should appear in the upper OBS panel.
  • You can use the source window to manage the window area being captured.


  • You will probably want to tear off the controls panel (bottom right)
  • You need the Controls panel at hand to start and stop recording.
  • You only need the Audio Mixer panel at the start to check for sound activity.
  • Then you can leave the main OBS window under the active windows.

Selecting another window

Bottom of  OBS window
Click image to enlarge
  • In the above illustration, there is already a source called "Windows capture."
  • To set a new target window. open it.
  • Right-click the source name.  
  • In the resulting menu, click Properties.
Bottom of Properties subpanel 


  • Make five video captures from three different sources.
  • Award yourself a VR Capture badge, apprentice level.

What else do you need?

  • You would normally capture video clips to produce a published video.
  • That requires editing: I recommend Shotcut:
  • Simple video editing with Shotcut, for virtual worlders
  • I will later publish an improved set of instructions for using Shotcut.
  • Other needs: Pre-production planning, publishing and publicity
  • I will publish articles on these later.

More about OBS

Video from virtual worlds


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