Friday, May 15, 2020

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: The DTA can encourage good time-management habits

The DTA can encourage 
good time-management habits

Is time management a reasonable learning objective for school?  If so, how would a school teach it?  Here are some suggestions. This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
about time management

The key elements of time management

  • Todo lists
  • Schedule
  • Reminders (active calendar)
  • Concrete progress checks. 

Todo, schedule, reminders

  • Make them class assignments.  
  • To be done in forms provided by the DTA.
  • The teacher knows what the items should be.  
  • The DTA can track whether the todo list is done 
  • And can give a preliminary match with the teacher's list
  • Digicoach can support homework in virtual worlds with JIT learning, immediate feedback

  • The DTA can alert the student, parents, and teacher about the due date.
  • The DTA can propose a schedule, probably just by the day (or longer time).
  • Some of the times would be fixed: meetings with teachers or student groups.
  • The other times might be revised and detailed to hourly by the student and parents.

  • The DTA can similarly send reminders and track progress. 
  • In the digital campus framework, the student would be taking several courses.
  • The DTA would create a combined schedule for each student.
  • The DTA could offer a calendar with all times scheduled if the parent wants that.
  • That  calendar could include recommendations about play time.
  • (Note that the digital campus could cut commuting time to little or nothing.)

Progress checks


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