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2020 #DTA: #VWEDU: Onboarding for teaching and learning in digital worlds. A microcredential (badge) model.

Onboarding for teaching and learning in virtual worlds.  
A microcredential (badge) model.
A microcredential (badge) model for onboarding students and teachers into digital worlds. This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
A digital class does not 
need a classroom

The badge story


Requirements for the badge model.

  • Identify tasks of recognized value
  • Perform a task analysis to identify required skill sets.
  • Organize the skill sets into useful competencies
  • Specify the actions needed to practice and demonstrate the skills.
  • Specify the skill demonstrations needed for recognized skill levels.
  • Specify the prerequisites for starting to learn these skills.

Tasks for beginners in education

  • Common student actions
  • Common teaching actions
  • Student skills for project-based learning.

Common student actions

  • My current list is here:
  • Starting in CybaLOUNGE. A DTA content page designed for JIT learning
  • This link also illustrates how an instructional page might be made.
  • This skill set allows one to perform common actions required of a student.
  • With this skill set, the person can attend a class or a meeting.
  • Skill levels: Beginner, apprentice, journeyman, master.
  • Beginner: able to perform these actions with the aid of the JIT page.
  • Apprentice: able to perform these actions without aids.
  • Journeyman: able to perform these actions with no delay
  • Master: able to help beginners learn these actions 

Common teaching actions

  • Prerequisite: common student actions, master level.
  • Required skill sets are listed below.  Each might be a distinct badge
  • Manage attendance.
  • Maintain discipline
  • Support software use.
  • Manage instructional activities

Badges for common teaching actions

  • Common teaching actions should be supported by a digital teaching assistant (DTA).
  • DTA=learning management system (LMS) integrated into the digital place.

Manage attendance

Maintain discipline
  • A digital environment can save a record of any infraction: voice, text  or visual.
  • Anyone who misbehaves can be disciplined:
  • Speaking privileges suspended.
  • Text chat suspended.
  • Avatar movement suspended.
  • Banished to a disciplinary place.  
  • The discipline badge would require doing these things.

Support software use

Manage instructional activities, etc

  • For digital teaching, the main requirement is mastery of the software (DTA.LMS)
  • That might be structured into several badges depending on the software and content.  



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