Friday, November 13, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Planning for the flipped and persistent webinar. Guided by the participants. Informed by a panel. Organized by 3DWebWorldz

Planning for the flipped and persistent webinar.  
Guided by the participants.  
Informed by a panel.  
Organized by 3DWebWorldz
Flipped: focus on participants.  Persistent: asynchronous participation allows continuing contact.  Synchronous working meetings arranged as needed.  Like a workgroup on discovery.    

Flipped Webinar

  • Focus on the participants rather than the "sage on the stage."
  • Flipped classroom (Wikipedia)
    • About what the participants want to know.
    • Rather than what the speaker thinks they should know.
    • Much like a large work group focused on discovery.

    Draft plan for the flipped webinar

    • Draft title: Online Discovery  (double meaning here)

    What the participants want to know

    • You get that by asking them.
    • Persistent starts with a web page set up to collect comments.
    • Comments may be statements, questions, or suggested topics.
    • The comments are posted on a public bulletin board (BB).
    • Assuming you don't have somebody who knows everything, you get a panel.
    • The panel is notified about every comment.  
    • Any panel member can respond.

    The panel responds

    • A panel member can create a response in text, voice, and/or video.
    • The response is promptly sent to the person who commented.
    • The response may include a mention of online office hours.
    • It is also made available on the web site as a response and as categorised content.
    • The response appears on the BB attached to the comment.
    • Some arrangement will be needed to make the old comments searchable.
    • In some cases, the comment may initiate a conversation among several people
    • The software should preserve that as a conversation,

    When is the meeting?

    • The meeting is the old way where everybody gets together at some inconvenient time.
    • Inconvenient? Any time is inconvenient for some of the people on the internet
    • But that is another thing you can let the participants suggest.  

    What do they do at the meeting?

    • Probably not just read the responses and play the videos.
    • Ask the participants for suggestions.
    • Maybe summary comments from each panel member.

    Waiver of copyright 

    • "in entering a comment, you put it in the public domain and relinquish all copyright claims."


    • Book, ebook, or other archive: "Proceedings of flipped webinar: Online Discovery"

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