Monday, November 30, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: How to expand your Kitely virtual world. Megaworlds and teleport. Walk in TP works for avatars. Object TP for vehicles

How to expand your Kitely virtual world   
Megaworlds and teleport.  
Walk in TP for avatars. Object TP  for vehicles.
Consideration of how teleports and object teleports can extend the world for users to more distant points (as subways do for NYC).
Walkin TPs at Cookie II entry point


When 8x8 is not enough

Connect worlds

  • Each Kitely world is an independent "world."  It cannot be attached to another world.
  • A connection to another Kitely world can be made by teleporter.
  • There are teleporters offered on Kitely Market.
  • Walk-in teleports would give the best sense of connection.
  • If the destination region is active, it is like going through a door.
  • Some teleports of this kind are at the Cookie II arrival point.
  • HG address: II
  • You could put the teleport prim along the whole side on your region.
  • Or you could put a pedestrian tunnel there and a matching tunnel at the destination.
  • You could put a distant image of the destination along that side also.
  • Or you could put a subway station anywhere on your land

Walkin teleports


Object (and riders) teleport

  • OSSL provides a function that teleports objects with riders.   
  • I have tested this function on my 8x8 world.  It works well within sim.
  • I have not tested it on TP to another Kitely world 
  • because I understand that Kayaker Magic has already tested it.
  • He may make a commercial version. 
  • This function could transfer trains, planes, and automobiles.
  • With passengers
  • Though I would expect trouble  with too many passengers at once.

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