Friday, November 20, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: #DTA: Microcredentials for the teachers, badges for the kids, guild ranks for the teens. All learning is microlearning, whether educators use it or not.

Microcredentials for the teachers, 
badges for the kids, guild ranks for the teens.  
All learning is microlearning, 
whether educators use it or not.
Learning requires focus.  Focus needs a goal.  Progress is one step at a time.  Badges mark the steps.  Teachers don't have time to manage all those badges.  Computers do have the time. 
Goal setting

Microlearning and skill sets 


Gamification recognizes microlearning

Schools use microlearning if...

  • ...they award microcredentials, badges, or guild ranks.  
  • They always award grades or advancement at the end of a semester.  
  • But there is nothing micro about a semester.

It is all about reinforcement

Is this for students or teachers?

  • Why assume the or?
  • Both are supposed to be learning.
  • Anyone who is learning should have the microcredential option. 
  • Teachers really need it because they have limited time to learn.
  • Students really need it because it is part of learning-how-to-learn (chunking)

Why now?

  • Because we can, with the aid of computer managed instruction.
  • Don't think just questions and answers.  
  • Computers are no longer restricted to typing.
  • We can create virtual worlds that simulate the environment where the skill applies.
  • We can tell students to do things that exercise the skill.  
  • We can record when they do it, how accurately they do it, and how long it takes them.
  • The computer can tell them how well they did and where they need improvement.
  • The computer can tell when they meet the criteria for a badge and record the award.

Microcredentials for teachers


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