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2020 #VWEDU: WW: Digital Field trips for career exploration. On a browser? Only if you think computers will be in the future world of work.

Digital Field trips for career exploration.  
On a computer?  
Only if you think computers will be in the future world of work.

Locations to go to for digital field trips and suggestions for projects that students might do there in learning about careers they might pursue.
  • Some field trips are available in browser-based worlds.
  • These can be accessed on a Chromebook or smart tablet.
  • The performance may not be adequate without good WiFi.
  • More extensive field trips are available in installed virtual worlds.
  • Installed virtual worlds require a computer or laptop, probably above the lowest price. 


  • Teaching with a digital field trip: Options
  • Common reflection considerations
  • Field trips in general
  • Field trips in a browser
  • Field trips: Installed virtual worlds
  • Occupational skills

Teaching with a digital field trip: Options

Low student tech: Teacher makes a video 

  • How to use OBS to get video in virtual worlds. Not the long and short of it. Just the short. And a few links to the long.
  • Project:  Students prepare a list of questions to be answered.
  • Teacher interviews expert at the digital site, seeking answers to the questions.
  • Teacher captures video of the interview
  • Students review the video, reflect on what they learned, and write up summaries 
  • Video can be presented in class on online 
  • Students need only Chromebooks or tablets to view the video online.
  • Students prepare reports based on reflection about the video.
  • Advantage: no technology needs for students in class.
  • Limited technology needs for online students,
  • Disadvantage: limited student involvement and collaboration.
  • Unless plenty of time is allowed for the reflection reports.   

Uneven student tech: Teacher films search party

  • Project:  Students prepare a list of questions to be answered.
  • Teacher selects search party from students with the tech support.  
  • Teacher forms several student groups each with someone from the search party.
  • Each groups formulates its questions and makes sure the search party person understands what is needed.
  • Teacher leads the search party to interview the expert.
  • Teacher gets video of the interview.
  • Video is provided to the the class (In class and online).
  • Student groups prepare reflection reports.  
  • Note that if some students need to participate remotely, meetings can be held in the digital world.

Abundant student tech

  • Depending on age and existing capabilities, student groups might make their own videos.
  • Students might meet online in virtual worlds
  • Both videos and reflection reports might be collected in student portfolios.

Common reflection considerations

  • Questions to stimulate reflection on the field trip.
  • Did we really know enough to ask the right questions? 
  • Do we now know any questions we should have asked?
  • Did the expert really know enough to answer the questions?
  • Did the expert really give the information we were expecting?
  • Did we get all the information we want? 
  • Did the expert tell us how to get more information?
  • Did the expert show a bias?  What was it?
  • Do we need more information?
  • Did we ask all the right questions?
  • What do we conclude about this career?   

Field trips in general

Field trips in a browser

Field Trips: Installed virtual worlds

  • These places require a computer or laptop


Art and architecture

    Occupational skills

    Safety training
    Heavy equipment operation

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