Saturday, November 7, 2020

2020 VW: Kitely Megaworld. Over 2 KM on a side. With a server to itself. The area of 64 traditional sims. With no sim borders to cross.

Kitely Megaworld.  Over 2 KM on a side.   
With a server to itself.  
The area of 64 traditional sims.  
With no sim borders to cross.
It's a big world!  A big digital makerspace.  On anybody's computer.  No travel, no  pandemic, no use cost.   Especially good for sailing, model railroads, and long distance auto races. Free for experimental use by builders in Kitely.
My megaworld as created

A lot of terraforming

  • I could create a RAW file and upload it to set the terrain.
  • I would have to put together several from the RAW set.
  • But I need to make the terrain suit my objectives.
  • So I got Kayaker's Bulldozer Terrain Tool  [Export]
  • This only works in OpenSimulator, because it uses OSSL functions.
  • It only works for the owner of the tool.
  • And that person must be the land owner or Estate Manager.
  • But it works very well on my own land in Kitely

A lot of planning 

  • The version here is preliminary


  • Explore the potential for very large regions.
  • Identify the most promising uses and synergies
  • Provide the basis for a series of articles about using very large regions.

Brainstorming for uses

  • Sailing
  • Roadways
  • Railroads
  • Educational campus
  • Business campus
  • Research campus
  • Rentals
  • Area planning.
  • More (TBD) 

Design planning considerations

  • Contiguous waterways for sailing
  • Contiguous land for rail and road (only gaps that can be bridged.)
  • Avoid cluttered sightlines (reduce viewer lag)
  • Keep the number of textures down. (load lag)
  • Make objects phantom where possible. (physics lag)
  • Avoid sculpties
  • Put land at 128, 128
  • Check for heavy loading scripts.

Operating plan

  • Invite creative people to explore their big ideas.  
  • The added area is offered as a giant sandbox for users who need that.
  • Anyone with a use case is welcome to contact me. 
  • Obvious use cases would be sailing, road, and railroad.
  • This world is for creative people of any kind.
  • Creativity includes education, content creation, video production, writing, storytelling, and other things. 
  • This world is specifically for creative people who are interested in collaborating with others. 
  • There will be multiple parcels with somewhat different purposes and, in some cases, different controlling groups. 
  • For build access or more information, contact Selby Evans in Kitely.


  • Tessin already has already terraformed their 8x8
  • Tessin has long been committed to sailing.
  • And sailing naturally pairs with a big region:
  • Needs a large contiguous water area without much around. 
Tessin 8x8

Previous articles about Tessin


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