Friday, November 27, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: OPLN: Catching events in your online PLN. Meetings about online learning. Like webinars except they are free with no registration. More like collaboration than a lecture.

Catching events in your online PLN.  
Meetings about online learning.  
Like webinars except they are free with no registration. 
More like collaboration than a lecture.

Finding events in your Online Professional Learning Network (OPLN). Like webinars except less formal.  And free.  And with more collaboration.


  • Educators, home schoolers, pod schoolers, self-schoolers


Virtual worlds? 


OPLN: Catching online events 

  • A good system starts with your Google Calendar.
  • Versions are available for computers, smart phones, and tablets.
  • You can schedule your own events on your Google calendar.
  • But if you use another brand, you still need the Google calendar setup.
  • Your OPLN consists of web links and email addresses.
  • The web links are mainly to organizations and social media sites
  • Some of the web sites will have Google calendars, especially those from virtual world organizations.
  • You can use those sites directly by visiting them.
  • If you expect the use them much, you may want to collect them into your own event calendar.

Your own event calendar

  • To copy a Google calendar to your personal collection:
  • Click the + sign in the Google Calendar button (bottom right)
  • Look for the new calendar under Other Calendars to the left of your main calendar 

Combine calendars

Suggested calendars from CVL


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