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2020 #DTA: #VWEDU: OpenSim Traveller badge: Knowledge base. What you need to know to be a world traveller in SceneGate. Travelling the Hypergrid.

World Traveller Badge: Knowledge Base (KB).  
What you need to know 
to be a world traveller in SceneGate.
Travelling the Hypergrid.

A collection of information you need to travel the Hypergrid easily and to teach others how to travel the Hypergrid.  Specifies the knowledge expected of one who holds a DTA World Traveller Badge.
Places panel
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A DTA badge page

  • This page has the information we think people need to travel the Hypergrid with SceneGate.
  • It will be updated as needed

What is the Hypergrid?

  • A grid of grids.  A lot of OpenSim grids connected so you can travel from one to another.
  • Like a national highway system connects cities.  But much faster.
  • You just teleport.  May take nearly a minute.  
  • Key terms: region. hypergrid address, suitcase, places panel 


OpenSim traveller skills

You need these skills to start

What is a region?

  • And how is it different from a sim?
  • The name sim is short for simulator, a program simulating some land.
  • That land used to be a plot 256 x 256 meters (about 840 feet on a side).
  • OpemSim can put a much larger area on a single simulator.
  • An area run by a single simulator still has a single address on its grid.
  • That is called a region; the size can vary from 256x256 meters up. 

Hypergrid address

  • A hypergrid address looks like this: Island
  • To travel, put the HG address into the Find bar of the world man, click Find, TP

You carry things in your suitcase

  • It is in your inventory and has folders matching your inventory.
  • On your HG travels, you can only access things in your suitcase.
  • You can put only exportable things in your suitcase
  • Anything you get on the Hypergrid goes into your suitcase.  
  • You probably want to unpack your suitcase when you get back to your home grid.
  • And a big suitcase may slow your HG travel

Take a landmark in your grid

  • Click Places button (globe graphic, right side)
  • In Places panel, click + sign to add something.
  • From drop-down menu, click Landmark.
  • In Create Landmark panel, click left pointer (<).
  • In Places panel note the name of the new landmark (boxed),
  • If you will not easily recognize the name, right click and click rename.
  • Give a name that will identify the place for you later. 
  • Some places with be named your parcel.  Change that to a distinct name.

Take a landmark on Hypergrid travel

  • Follow the instructions above for taking a landmark in your grid.
  • The landmark will go into your suitcase.
  • You probably want to copy it to your places folder.

Get the HG address of a region

  • In Kitely, find the region in Explore Worlds: look under Hypergrid Address.
  • Elsewhere, you may find it in OpenSimWorld.
  • Or you may have to ask the region owner.

Invite or request hypergrid teleport 

  • Request TP is not yet working in Hypergrid (TBD)
  • Find the name in the people panel, right click, chose the desired option.

Handle many HG-related problems

  • Items will be added here as they are identified.
  • Landmarks embedded in a notecard can't be accessed on another qrid.
  • Go to the grid where the notecard was made; click each landmark, copy it to inventory.
  • TBD

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