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2020 #DTA: #VWEDU: Leaderboard alternatives in education managed by a digital teaching assistant (DTA): Recent rate. Rate per badge. Gamification

Leaderboard alternatives in education  
managed by a digital teaching assistant (DTA): 
Recent rate. Rate per badge.  Gamification.

Many educators see motivational problems with leaderboards.  A digital teaching assistant can support alternatives that may offer better gamification and better motivation.
The Empty Classroom
Taking notes is not the only skill

Do leaderboards motivate everyone?

  • Leaderboards in education
  • If you are way ahead, you can slack off.
  • If you are way behind, you can give up.
  • Some see themselves falling farther behind every week.
  • How does a leaderboard work in games?
  • Games are short.  Soon you start a new game with a clean slate.
  • You get to pick your game.  You have a choice
  • A digital teaching assistant (DTA) can easily handle the implied adjustments

Leaderboard alternatives

Each week is a new game

  • Instead of a cumulative score, a new leaderboard is created each week.
  • No one gets way behind, no one gets way ahead.  
  • The emphasis is on growth: How much did your skills grow this week?

Leaderboard per badge

  • If the class develops more than one skill set, each can be awarded a badge.  
  • The DTA can track progress of each student on each skill set.  

Leaderboard on self-improvement 

  • "Never compete with anyone but yourself."
  • The leaderboard shows each student's change from the previous week.  
  • "Is your rate of improvement going up?"  

Privacy versus public shaming

  • Public display of a class leaderboard can be considered public shaming.
  • The favorable motivational effects can be achieved by a private notification.
  • The private notification can identify the recipient's record and give no other identities.
  • That record shows how the recipient performed relative to others in the class.
  • The DTA could calculate that for each student and report it by email.
  • Or it could be placed in the student's private records.  

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