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2020 BIZ: #VWEDU: Virtual worlds can serve many markets but need the right product for each market. Use case: Public-facing place: office,sales floors marketing exposition

Virtual worlds can serve many markets 
but need the right product for each market.   
Public-facing  places: 
offices,sales floors. marketing expositions
How to provide public-facing digital places, using web-worlds.
Jamie's office

Public-facing places

  • Intended for interaction with the public.
  • Libraries and other government services 
  • Museums, art galleries, other cultural amenities
  • Offices: lawyers, accountants, teachers, consultants, counsellors, etc.
  • Showrooms, sales floors, galleries.
  • Marketing expositions
  • Easy access is essential.

Virtual worlds with public access


What would you do in one of these places?

  • The same thing you would do in a similar physical place.
  • If it is mostly talking, that's as easy as in a physical place.
  • If there is a document to fill out, that can be done online. 
  • Many people can leave online signatures; if not it can be done by mail.
  • If money is to be paid, that can be done online.

Libraries, schools, government services

  • Library: A person asks for help in finding something 
  • That used be a book or periodical, but now is probably something online.
  • The librarian responds with a web-link.  
  • If something physical is needed, that may be sent to a nearby physical library.
  • Libraries also set up informational displays.  That can be done in a virtual world.
  • Many government services can be completed online
  • A campus on the internet. A front office on the web. A school on a laptop
Library Information Display
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Museums, art galleries, other cultural amenities

St. James gallery



Welcome centers, showrooms, sales floors

  • Schools and other organizations serving the public need a place for the public to contact them.
  • Producers of expensive items (cars, boats, luxury homes) might want an easily accessed place for potential customers to look at the product and develop an interest.
  • Part of developing an interest is getting answer to questions about the products.  
  • A web-world with a live welcomer could offer detailed views of physical products.
  • It could offer hands-on trials of digital products with help getting started.
  • A live welcomer could answer questions and discuss applications.

Marketing expositions

  • Marketing expositions are organized to let producers show off their products.
  • They let potential customers compare similar products.
  • The aggregation of products attracts more potential customers.
  • And it may justify the cost of entertainment events to add to the attraction.
  • A marketing web site could be developed for a group of related products. 

A needed feature for public-facing places 

  • The welcomer is only needed when someone enters the public-facing room.
  • At other times, the welcomer could be doing something else.  
  • The welcomer would only need to know when a guest enters the place.
  • The feature needed to provide this help would be an audible alert on guest arrival.
  • In the obvious model, the welcomer would keep the web place open when on duty.
  • The welcomer would take on a special role: welcomer at this place.
  • On guest entry, the place would send the welcomer an audible alert and a screen notice.
  • The screen notice would provide the name given by the guest and time of entry.

Features of virtual worlds


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