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2020 VW: IMA: SceneGate for OpenSimulator: the Market button, grid money notice and button, and find friends online

SceneGate for OpenSimulator:
the market button, 
grid money notice and button 
and find friends online

SceneGate will adjust its services to fit OpenSimulator, cleaning up some viewer features left over from services on a previous grid.  Since SceneGate must adjust for multiple grids, the adjustment is complicated. 
A viewer can do better than that
  • From comments in the Kitely Sunday meeting and conversations on the forum, I learned of four items of user interest:
  • A Market button on the viewer should take the user to a market they could use.
  • The Buy grid money button should take the user to where they can buy grid money.
  • The grid money amount notice should give the correct amount for the avatar.
  • Some users wanted a notice of friends online before they login.
  • The first three of those are viewer issues, so i asked the SceneGate devs about them.
  • The fourth item is a grid issue, but suggested a feature that SceneGate is aiming for.


A custom viewer?

  • IMA can provide a customised version of SceneGate.
  • This should be of interest to commercial grids and Kitely organizations.
  • In particular, school grids will want to control the Market destination.
  • Especially those below college level.
  • One private educational grid has already ordered a customized version.
  • Probably the first customisation: remove other grids from the preference listing.
  • Educators will not want to show students how to go to unapprove places.
  • Commercial grids may prefer a viewer that does not list their competitors. 
  • Commercial grids may want to determine the functions of the grid money amount notice and the two buttons.
  • The cost of customisation would vary with the details.
Buy Gloebits on Depot Grid

SceneGate buttons and notice now

  • The Marketplace button presently gets an error message.
  • The Buy grid money button in SceneGate presently only works in a Gloebits region.
  • The grid money amount notice gives me a zero in Kitley.   That is incorrect. 
  • These things be fixed, but the details are still under consideration. 
Marketplace button on SceneGate

The "friends online" Issue

  • My first thought was that this is strictly a grid issue.  And it is.
  • But then I thought "Why would a person want that information?"
  • If it is to be actionable intelligence, it would probably be used to decide whether to enter the grid or not.  
  • Or it might be used to choose which grid to enter.
  • In either case, this is a subgoal.  The larger goal is to contact someone.  
  • SceneGate may be able to help on that larger goal.
  • The top priority for the ScenGate dev team is EchoVoice.
  • IMA and Thales work towards improved voice in OpenSim (SceneGate), including security, accessibility, and features
  • An objective of that feature is connections to systems beyond OpenSim.
  • To such places as web-worlds, Discord, and Frendica.
  •  A connection to Discord would allow quirk contact with friends.
  • At least with those that are also your friends in Discord.  
  • So we need to be sure that the connection part of SceneGate works even if no grid is connected.  

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