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2020 Library: Music:. Marly Milena Music Library at the Community Virtual Library: Grand Opening Tour: Collaboration in the digital worlds

Marly Milena Music Library at the Community Virtual Library: 
Grand Opening Tour: 
Collaboration in the digital worlds

The next killer app is people working together across distance, national boundaries, cultural divides, and quarantines.  Here we present an example of that collaboration and a product.  Digital places are places where people can work together and bypass those things that keep them apart.
Valibrarian introduces the tour


  • 1. Find and connect composers in SL & display/catalog their music.
  • 2. Encourage performers who give concerts in SL to submit concert recordings for display and sharing at the library.
  • 3. Display and share scores for SL pianists, etc. that might be interested in playing the pieces.
  • 4. Display and share books about music, famous composers, singers, etc. for people interested.
  • 5. Host periodic garden performances (stream in chamber music and have animated figures playing or have singers, dancers, etc.)

The audience and 
the Music Library in the background 
  • The presentation was in voice 
  • with text transcript to accomodate for hearing problems. 
  • Accomodation is another way we get together.
A close view of the screen
  • With announcements of the event
Walking over to the Music Library

Gathering at the entrance

The announcement sign 
  • The sign gives a notecard
Outdoor musical park

The crowd enters the museum
  • While the Music Library is predominantly music-oriented, CVL also hosts a poetry garden, Literary Symbolic Modeling Platform, art and literature discussion groups, writing events, and more.
  • Octagon: Creative Exploration also hosts diverse events, including art, music, and therapy exercises and exhibits.
Gathering in the Music Library
  • I told you, this is about bringing people together.
On the second floor

Music Library Planning Committee

  • These folks have worked hard for the past year to make the Marly Milena Music Library a reality:

  • alysedunavantjones: CVL Assistant Director; created the library's shell and greenhouse motif, the music seats and screen for the theatre; created copyright guidelines; created cataloging/metadata requirements/guidelines; created entry form for artists interested in being included in the collection; recruited Dawn; organized committee documents, discussions/decisions, and timelines

  • Dawn Greymyst: Library Director at a University of Hawaii; created the library's interior beginning with the music cafe and including surrounding landscaping; worked closely with Alyse to make sure the library's interior would suit the library's desired content; recruited Russell to perform; assisted with photoshop design for albums; advice for overall library creation, development, and sustainability

  • francisco.koolhoven: Octagon: Creative Exploration Administrative Assistant; technical assistance and advice, including the creation of the music note meditation pods

  • katsii.tennen: Octagon: Creative Exploration Recruitment Manager; copyright research; copyright notecards for content; liaison with Marly; catalog entry; musician and content recruiting

  • marly.milena: Octagon: Creative Exploration Creator/Leader: Visionary, Overall Consultant, Content Contributor

  • Valibrarian Gregg: ACRL VWIG rep and CVL Director; this library would not have opened on time without Val's organization and communication finesse

Conversation balcony
  • You have brought people together when they are talking together.
Gathering for a concert

Special Thank You's

  • A Special Thank You to Ari (Arisia Vita) for streaming and animating Marly's piano music during the library's grand opening in April 2020.

  • And a Special Thank You to Russell Eponym, the library's first performer when the library broke ground in April 2019 and who returned in April 2020 to perform for the library's grand opening!

You can participate

  • To volunteer at the Music Library or give feedback, please contact Acting Branch Manager Alyse Dunavant-Jones: alysedunavantjones in SL;

  • To nominate a musician for inclusion in the Music Library, fill out our submission form:

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  1. Thanks, Selby, for this full posting about our new music library in SL. What a great collaboration it has been and will continue to be!
    Pianists interested in acquiring scores of my pieces for downloading and printing can find them on the second floor of the library. We are currently in the process of forming a vetting committee for original SL composers who want to submit their work for inclusion in the library.


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