Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Affordances of virtual worlds can make a more effective presentation. From OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC)

How to use the affordances of virtual worlds 
to make a more effective presentation.  
From OpenSim Community Conference (OSCC)

Lessons learned while developing a new virtual world product. And a demonstration of how presentations can be improved by using the capabilities of virtual worlds.



Advantages of a video presentation

  • The presenter is free to interact with the audience as the presentation is delivered.
  • The presentation can in include relevant scenes as well as slides.
  • The presenter can move around in relevant scenes to draw attention to a part.
  • The presenter can adjust the length by cutting the video instead of rushing at the end.
  • The presenter can bring others into the presentation whenever they are available.



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  1. I also found when presenting at the SLMOOC a few years ago that making a video in advance for my presentation freed me up. However that was mainly because technology that worked in the past to share online content had been changed in ways that made it work less well for large groups. The asynchronous delivery of media on a prim doesn't work well for presentations or large groups. I'm not sure if this has been addressed yet by any new updates or by any device builders as I've not done any such presentations for a couple of years.