Monday, May 11, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Institute for New Paradigms. (INP) - An Overview of VR for Educators. What can you do in VR? What can't you do in VR.

Institute for New Paradigms. (INP)   
An Overview of VR for Educators
What can you do in VR? 
What can't you do in VR?

A video of some things educators can do in Virtual Reality (VR).  And an indirect hint that something students can do is make videos reporting on the results of their educational activities. 

VR:  Virtual reality


What can you do in VR?

  • Have any environment you can imagine.
  • Program things in the environment to do what you want 
  • Limit access to the people you want there.
  • Install an artificial intelligence (AI) to manage student activities.
  • Have the AI get students to practice and demonstrate skills.
  • Have the AI give feedback to the students on their performance.
  • Have the AI get your feedback for the students and deliver it to them.
  • Have the AI give your recommendations on helpful links.
  • Have the AI maintain and display scores in gamification mode.
  • Have the AI manage assignments and assignment schedules.
  • Have the AI give quizzes and quests for formative assessment.
  • Have the AI monitor and help student work-groups in project-based learning.  
  • Have the AI keep records on student performance to support grade assignment.
  • Have the AI do more things as software is developed.
  • Provide simulated environments that fit the learning objectives.
  • Have the students create products that derive from the learning objectives.
  • Let students practice digital art (that is not a novelty anymore).
  • Have students create video reports from project-based learning. 
  • (Those reports build the students' portfolio--and your portfolio.)
  • Have students meet with other students in places that fit the learning objectives.
  • And many other things I don't have time to write about.

What can't you do in VR?

  • Physically bully anyone
  • Emotionally bully someone without leaving evidence
  • Shoot anybody
  • Catch a disease
  • Get pregnant
  • Vomit
  • (Just a few examples of an unlimited list.)

Could you be replaced by that AI?

  • No. But many of the routine things you do can be replaced.
  • That leaves more time for the human interactions.
  • Those cannot be replaced by the AI.

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