Sunday, March 8, 2020

2020 ART: #VWEDU: Nuna art gallery in OpenSim, 3rd rock grid. Art and education in virtual worlds (Part 2)

Nuna art gallery in OpenSim, 3rd rock grid.  
Art and education in virtual worlds (Part 2)

An extensive and well-curated art museum in OpenSim, organized to fit art education and with informative content nearby. This article deals with exhibits and themes.
The Nuna Gallery

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The metaphor of Nuna

Nuna (a landmass also known as Columbia) was one of Earth's ancient supercontinents. It existed approximately 2,500 to 1,500 million years ago in the Paleoproterozoic Era. Supercontinents are a clustering of continental landmasses. They are geological moments when the whole world is in one place. 
The aim of Nuna Gallery is to tell a different kind of story of art, one that stretches from the first traces of human artistry, daubed on the walls and ceilings of caves in Borneo and France, to the present day. Largely due to continental drift and the fragmentation of culture, that ‘big picture’ story can’t be transmitted in a regional gallery, no matter how grand or lofty that gallery is. 
The Uffizi can only tell the story of classical and Renaissance Italian art; the Louvre is necessarily focused on pre-modern European art; the Pompidou Centre on contemporary European art, etc. But here in Virtual Reality we can sew the continents together and explore art as a human product across the span of our species.
  • The flow is historical, from top (3rd floor) down.
  • Gallery 1: indigenous, ancestral, & prehistoric art
  • Gallery 2: classical, romantic & impressionist
  • Gallery 3: modern & contemporary (1st floor)
  • Basement: sculpture park
  • Penthouse: temporary exhibitions
A centerpiece of this floor 
  • What era is this? 
More of the same era
  • What part of the world is this?
Some clues here

You have probably guessed 
by now

You recognize this
There is a title

Let's try that again

This may mislead you
By one of my favorite artists
  • Look closely at the details.
  • It is not typical of its era.
The statue gives it away

Overview of classical exhibit


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