Friday, March 20, 2020

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: The fake news challenge: a natural for educational games.

The Fake news challenge:  
a natural for educational games.

A plan for creating an instructional unit to practice students in recognizing fake news.  This article is licensed CC0 -- Public Domain.
No computers?
Can you find fake news without a computer?
  • Educational objective: teach students to recognize Fake News.

Instructional objectives

  • Learner will be able, with high accuracy, to distinguish instances of fake news from legitimate reports.
  • Learner will be able to point out the clues that support the distinction.


Stage 1: Instruct (solo or group)

Stage 2, Apprentice: Game: Fake breaker team (group)

  • DTA provides Fake Breaker game.
  • DTA presents news item, group chooses: 
  • fake, probably fake, don't know, probably true, true 
  • News items are about unfamiliar topics. Fake news items have at least one clue. 
  • Half the items are fake.  
  • Correct items score: definite +3, probably +1 
  • Wrong items score: definite -3, probably -1
  • DTA presents one item at a time.
  • On first reading, students complete an individual report noting any clues they see.
  • To report a clue they copy/paste the relevant text into the form from DTA. 
  • They also identify the clue by name (multiple choice: a number)
  • Dta can score the name responses and may be able to score the copied text.
  • DTA reports its scores to group and to teacher.
  • Practice has no set limit, but items may be scored to show progress.
  • Teacher sets stage 2 exit criteria, which may be for individuals even in group work 
  • Teacher may recommend return to stage 1 
  • Fake news generator (search)
  • Fake news clues (search)

Stage 3, Journeyman :  Game: Fake breaker (solo)

  • Same plan as Stage 2, but items may be more difficult and with another task:
  • In a collection of fake news items, student must mark and identify clues.
  • Teacher sets stage 3 exit criteria.

Stage 4: Master Fake breaker team (group)

  • Challenge: Produce a credible item of fake news.
  • Group may produce several items, but must choose one as its best work.
  • DTA  may collect intermediate products for teacher evaluation.
  • Teacher evaluates final group product.
  • Stage 4 might be required only for students seeking a grade of A or A+


  • Present Items as in Stage 3.  Measure speed and accuracy
  • Speed: mean response time per item.
  • Accuracy: score as calculated in Stage 2.
  • Clue finder task may be scored separately. 
  • Measures would be combined into a single score which would give progress toward the game goal.


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