Monday, March 9, 2020

2020 #DTA: DTA as Chatbot. Preliminary plans for providing focused information for visitors, with quiz games for added interest.

DTA as Chatbot.  
Preliminary plans for providing 
focused information for visitors, 
with quiz games for added interest. 

Preliminary plans for developing interactive and informative chatbots for use by nonprofit organizations in virtual worlds.
Campbell Hero Walk
at Nonprofit Commons
  • Goal: Provide nonprofits in virtual worlds with support for interactive and informative chatbots.



What do your visitors want to do?

  • Find out what you can offer to them.
  • Find out what social good you do.
  • Find out what they might do as a volunteer.
  • Other: ASK

    What can you offer visitors?

    Answers to questions:  

    • FAQ with keyword search.
    • Probably best done by sending the visitor to FAQ web pages.
    • DTA could give search instructions or put query in the link.
    • If you want them to use the information, consider the games below.

    Solo quiz games:  

    • DTA asks questions, visitor answers. 
    • Questions might be tied to keywords selected by visitor.
    • DTA gives feedback and records score.   
    • DTA shows how score compares with a typical group
    • Score may be graded: "You have matched the level of a sixth grader." 
    • Visitor may be invited to come back and try again.
    • If visitor registers, DTA can track progress and note badges earned.
    • Badges might be 6th grade, 9th grade, etc.

    Social quiz games, competition 

    • Play as individuals in competition.
    • Play is like the solo game above; each player gets different questions.
    • Scores are displayed in a way that invites comparisons between players.
    • If visitors register, DTA can track progress and note badges earned.

    Social quiz games, teams

    • Play as teams against previous teams. 
    • Scores are displayed in a way that invites comparison with previous teams.
    • If teams register, DTA can track progress and note badges earned by the team.

    Resources from the web

    Preparing information for the general public

    • Think about actionable information:
    • Symptoms the layman could recognize.
    • Tests a person could take.
    • Risk factors the person could avoid.  
    • Outcomes one might expect.

    Needed script modules

    • Modules could be script states.
    • This script plan serves only for single-use visitors.


    • Startup:
    • Accepts as input a database with these fields: 
    • 1. Free text question 
    • 2. Set of single character options to present for choice.
    • 3. Correct answer.
    • 4. Free text response for correct answer.
    • 5. Free text response for incorrect answer.
    • The database might be a notecard.
    • Displays quit button and preliminary instructions in text
    • --
    • Operation:
    • On click: begins interaction with user who clicked.
    • Begin iteration over questions
    • Choose a question (random, without replacement)
    • Present the question and optional answers.
    • Accept user's choice for an answer and evaluate it.
    • Update total answers and number correct (global variables)
    • Give appropriate feedback to user.
    • Call Scorebot
    • Exit on quit button or user absent.

    ScoreBot (may be quizzer state)

    • On call, computes percent correct from total answers and number correct.
    • Details of display: TBD 
    • Return to Operation.

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