Sunday, September 15, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: ART: Serenity Island: Sea grotto and crystal caves.

Serenity Island: 
Sea grotto and crystal caves.  
Spaceship, Mars and the Moon
Introduction to the creative and educational art of Serenity Island (Kitely).  California State University of Los Angeles

Go there

  • Hypergrid address:  
  • Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click Find: TP
  • In Kitely, use Firestorm hop:
  • hop:// Island/124/212/22
  • Put the hop in the address (top) bar of the Firestorm viewer, Enter
  • Kitely Website: Serenity Island


Destinations of interest
Click image to enlarge
  • A click on the picture takes you to the destination.
  • Click to panel on the pole to get a notecard of attributions.
Please note that all textures, scripts, sounds and linked-to content are copyrighted by their respective owners and their use does not imply endorsement of this sim by those creators. All objects are original by Lawrence Pierce. 
Destinations: left panel
  • Main house and art galleries
  • Serenity center and library
  • Moonbeam Cafe
  • Education Center
Destinations: center panel
  • Mars habitat
  • Neon park
  • 3D space gallery and planetarium
  • Moon landing
Destinations: right panel
  • Serenity store
  • Serenity cove
  • Sea grotto and crystal caves
  • Hilltop retreat
Looking for a souvenir?  Serenity Store has a selection of casual wear compliments of the Island.  For builders there are two giveaway items, a selection of shadows, and faux regions - linked prims that form a region-sized platform complete with ocean. At the store there is a teleport to a sample faux region - check it out!
Space station and starship
  • Saved for another article TBD
Balloon ride to Sky City
Balloon ride to Sky City. Sure, to teleport is fast as lightning, but taking a moment to look around adds to the immersion and fun. When you arrive at the Welcome Area, just turn to the right and walk over to the balloon ride docking steps. Now, if the balloons aren't there, it's because someone rode up to the city and left Serenity Island another way... In that case, teleport to Sky City and take the ride down. Either way it gives you a chance to see an overview of the main island even before taking a more complete tour.

Museum of Neon Art
The main island art gallery features the actual world neon art of Lili Lakich (co-founder of the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles).
Click image to enlarge

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