Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2019 PROMO: Themed grids (MUVES): Keng City grid tells its theme: entertainment and shopping

Themed grids (MUVES): 
Keng City grid tells its theme: 
entertainment and shopping

Keng City declares its theme.  It shows its promotion methods.   It offers an example in promotion for other grids (MUVE providers) to consider.

Keng City theme

Keng City Grid is a small private virtual grid dedicated to entertainment and shopping. It is hypergrid enabled, no new accounts needed as it is open to all to hypergrid in and out freely. Gloebits enabled for the whole grid to make purchasing easier for visitors. We will not be renting out regions, although we do have penthouses for rent. Instead we choose to concentrate on what has always made Keng City great... entertainment, commerce and making everyone who visits feel like family. -- Antoinnette Keng
The Keng City Grid has that sprawling neon-lit look and feel with multiple trendy clubs, fun activities and a variety of shopping. Come and visit the Colorful multi-tiered Keng City Grid and get the experience....

Go there

  • HG address
  • hg.kengcity.net:8002:Keng City 
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP

On the web



Looking for a place with a different flavor and feel to it. Come check out the new Keng City 16 sim region located on DigiWorldZ Grid. We offer a cityscape with a Miami vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else in OpenSim. Shop, hang out with friends or get your groove on, I guarantee Keng City has the perfect spot. Whether you are looking for a fresh start, just a part-time get away for yourself or with that special someone away from the prying eyes of  City HyperGrid is for you.  
We offer great shopping, wonderful clubs and locales for all your partying needs whether public or private. Also there are fully furnished and artfully decorated penthouses for rent when you need to put your feet up and rest after a long day or night or you and yours just need a nice spot to cuddle and leave the world behind. Keng City HyperGrid has all that and more. Avatar development assistance is available plus we offer get away packages for sorority/fraternity groups, business planning seminars or just a good old family reunion. And if you’re the entrepreneur type, rent one of our available shops and open your business right here at Gloebits enabled Keng City region. 

Themed grids

  • Here I start collecting a list of themed grids and places.
  • Objective: To help newcomers to find places they want to visit.

Other themed grids

Opensim.Life: Entertainment and Social
The event grid. The social grid. Opensim.life Grid. It's all about people
More (TBD)
(I am looking for grids and places with clearly stated themes.)
(A place may be a MUVE (Sim) in a grid, if it has a clear theme and a HG address.)
(I am particularly seeking educational themes.)

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