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2018 PEOPLE : Friendica for social media?

Friendica for social media?
Friendica is opensource software for social media communication.  The software is free, but somebody has to create a node (on a server) to run the software.  Nodes can connect with each other so it is a distributed network.   A grid could be part of a node. 
  • friendica – A Decentralized Social Network
  • Friendica is open source software for a distributed social network
  • Friendica is part of the democratization of the internet.
  • Thus its operation plan is less familiar than the G+ plan (whatever that was).
  • To become a user you don't go to the Friendica website.  
  • You find a Friendica node and register there.  
  • You can immediately connect with others registered on your base node.
  • You can also connect with others on Friendica or others on the Fediverse
  • To connect outside of your base node, you need to know the Friendica address.
  • Friendica is part of the Fediverse, "an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers."

Who would want to create and support a node?

  • Grid operators: to support a community for the grid.
  • Benefits: Integrate node with grid, product differentiation, promotion/marketing 
  • -
  • Educational organizations: To support communication among interested people.
  • Interested people: Students, instructors, deans, parents, prospective students.
  • -
  • Community leaders: To support communication among interested people
  • Interested people: Anyone interested in the activities/objectives of the community.
  • -
  • Nonprofits:  To support communication among interested people.
  • Interested people: Those interested in the objectives of the nonprofit.
  • -
  • Businesses: To support communication among potential customers and salespeople.
  • Benefits:  promotion and marketing, customer feedback

Why would someone run a node?

  • You would create a node to support a community.
  • You might choose Friendica because it is open source.
  • You could customize it to suit your goals. 
  • A web-world developer could connect its community of users. 
  • A grid operator could connect it to the inworld communication system.
  • That would let inworlders to chat with interested outworlders.
  • A computer science department could let its students practice development on it.
  • Node (networking)
  • Node (Sociology)

Friendica details

Thanks to IMA

Friendica node to join

  • You can create an account in Bill Bight's Opensim.Life node:
  • If you start to create an account in another node, you may hit a problem.
  • A common create account routine asks for address and password.
  • Then ignores the password, creates a password and sends that to you in email. 
  • Just ignore that first password you send.

G+ replacement


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