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2018 Promo: PEOPLE: Social media for the virtual worlds (RiP G+). Summary

Social media for the 
virtual worlds (RIP G+). 
Updated 2/122019

Summary of articles  on social media for the virtual worlds. This article will be updated when new information is available. 

Uses for social media

  • Ingroup communication
  • Event promotion
  • Outreach: professional
  • Outreach: general
  • Outreach: playful
  • Outreach--repost target

Dimensions of evaluation

  • Useful persistence: ephemeral, persistent,  archival
  • Ephemeral means you can't expect to find it after a week 
  • Useful persistence means that you can find items after a month.
  • Persistence is not useful without good search support.
  • Archival means you can find it years later. (Blogs are usually arcival.)  
  • Reputation: playful, professional
  • Reach, target density
  • 14 Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Migrating Your Online Community

Replacements for G+, by the service needed   

Event promotion

    Outreach: Professional

    Outreach: Playful

    Outreach--repost target

    • Repost buttons are offered on most blogs and some news sites.
    • These encourage reposting to those targets.  
    • Reposting promotes ideas you like.
    • And builds readership of your timeline.
    • And saves links in case you want them later.
    • My recommended repost target is Twitter.

    My comments

    • G+ was a major source for news leads as well as an outlet for promotion.
    • And it served for ingroup communication, event promotion, and outreach.

    My sources now

    • My main source for leads has been Feedly
    • Feedly monitors blogs, websites, and news items. 
    • Feedly gives me news items with links.
    • I need links because I will not generally report unless I can cite the source.
    • I now follow MeWe, and LinkedIn.

    Ingroup communication  

    • I am using Mewe and Discord.  That's where my friends are.

    Event promotion

    Repost targets

    • RIP G+, time to review your likes and repost strategy
    • I usually repost articles I think might be of interest to my readers
    • My main repost target now is Twitter.  
    • An excerpt from my Twitter timeline is embedded in my weekly MUVE update.
    • It is always current and can be scrolled to read more.

    Outreach (for professionals)

    • Facebook:  Lots of users, low target density, low reputation, good persistence
    • Twitter: Lots of users, low target density, neutral reputation, doubtful persistence.
    • LinkedIn:  Limited  users, high target density, good reputation. uncertain persistence.
    • Your blog: What you make of it, excellent persistence. 
    • A collaborative blog is social media if you use it that way

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