Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 PEOPLE: Facebook offers much the same things as G+. For those willing to use it.

Facebook offers much 
the same services as G+.  
For those willing to use it.

Report on Facebook as social media support to replace G+ for users of  OpenSim.

Key buttons on FB home page
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What it offers to MUVErs

  • Huge audience can access your post.
  • You can join or form groups.
  • Repost buttons on articles make easy reposting.
  • You can use reposting to save articles you may want to share or use. 


  • Most of that huge audience is probably not in your target market.
  • With so many posts it is hard to get your post noticed, 
  • Educators and other professionals may not want to be seen in that neighborhood.
  • You may get booted if you use a fake name, especially if it looks fake.

Possible services

  • Host for reposting: Excellent
  • Outreach: Fair to good, depending on the use of groups
  • Event promotion:  Poor to fair, depending on the use of groups.
  • Ingroup communication:  Poor

Manage groups

  • On your home page:  More--Groups
  • Groups you are in (not complete).
  • Create a group.
  • When inviting people to a group, give a direct link to the group page.
  • Best find an existing group or plan to recruit members.
  • See some existing groups below.

Find Friends

  • Starting: recruit friends in other contact sources.
  • Building: FB gives you a list of people you may know based on mutual friends.
  • The more friends you have listed, the better the mutual-friends list works.
  • I often invite 1 or 2 from this list: people showing over 100 mutual friends.

Some Facebook groups of interest to MUVEs (virtual worlds)

Art groups in Facebook

Crowd-funding groups in Facebook

Content creator groups in Facebook

Education groups in Facebook

Entertainment groups in Facebook

Entrepreneurs  groups in Facebook

Gamification groups in Facebook

Grid groups in Facebook

Job groups in Facebook


Sales groups in Facebook 

Technology groups in Facebook

Video groups in Facebook 

Writers groups in Facebook 

Suggested search terms for virtual world groups

  • Virtual 
  • Immersive world
  • MUVE

Replacements for G+

Ingroup communication

Host for reposting

  • Reposting means putting articles you like into a place where you can find them.

Event promotion 


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