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2018 ART: WW: Installation art in the plural. Visit 1Biennale explores the possibilities of virtual worlds

Installation art in the plural.
1Biennale explores the possibilities

Installation art is popular in virtual worlds. Sometimes preview builds are made in virtual worlds to help sell a projected physical build. These could probably by put into web-worlds for easy exploration in a browser.

1Biennale--Touching reality


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The audience assembles for the show
  • In virtual worlds, surrealism can extend to the audience.
A floating cube should be surreal 
  • But in virtual worlds, we take floating cubes for granted.
Are there any surreal avatars here?
Click image to enlarge

Oh, the cube is not floating after all
  • It is held up by a pair of giant arms.
  • There are giants in the virtual worlds in these days. 
The avatar seating may be surreal 
to outworlders

The audience is part of the art
  • You would do that to immerse the audience in art.
I think of Dali's elephants
  • Part of the opening show war the rezzing of installation art in front of the audience
A new take on the Pentagon 
  • In virtual worlds, we can move the camera around while our avatars just sit.
  • Here are 2 views of the same installation to illustrate how we can use the camera. 

  • Another set of 2 views 

Close up of an entrance

Part of the audience 
  • Surrealism extends to the audience 
View from inside the installation art
  • We can do that in virtual worlds

Could 3D installation art be offered in a browser?

Two Web worlds in public beta



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