Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2018 WW: 3DWebWorldz 1.0 entry: the train station and the Meeting Center

1.0 entry: the train station  and the Meeting Center
3DWebWorldz is now ready for use. It uses a train station metaphor and now boasts a well equipped meeting center.   Artists can set up their own galleries.  It can host performances and presentations.  And for now, it is free.  Or you can hire the developer if you want a custom-built virtual world. 
Entering the train station: 
Instructions for newcomers

Immediate uses

  • Art Galleries (display you works) 
  • Meetings
  • Performances: Music, comedy, and presentations
  • Classes for instruction.
  • Museums 
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming



Overhead view: 
the train and boarding platform 
  • Your avatar can fly here.
 The rail cars take you to the main places
Live music events 
 The door to the trains

  • There is also a FAQ button on the screen.
Help for newcomers

Meeting Center

  • No train to the meeting center yet.
  • But you can go there with help from the menu (lower left)
  • A button on the menu takes you there.

Advanced meeting tools

Advanced meeting tools

  • Voice chat
  • Whiteboard
  • Share documents
  • Share slides
  • Moderation tools


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