Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 HELP: HG: New Price Structure for Kitely. A really sweet spot

New Price Structure for Kitely.  A really sweet spot
"We intend to be the market leader in value for money (price/performance in regards to multiple criteria, including the hardware resources we provide each world, the virtual world architecture we use, add-value features, customer support, ease-of-use, etc.)"--Kitely

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News and Notes

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    Sweet spot 

    Good if you want lots of space

    • 16 normal regions, 120K prims, 80 avatars, $40/month.
    • Good for venues hosting music, events, and the like.
    • Handle big* crowds, lots of room to spread out.
    • $2.50/month for a sim space equivalent.
    • But you have to rent 16 normal sims to get that price. 
    • This might be price/performance competitive

    You can't be serious

    • 1 normal region, 15k prims, 10 avatars, $15/month.
    • For $5 more you get the sweet spot.   
    • They can't expect to sell much at that price.  But maybe they will run a special. 
    • Or maybe they want to leave a place for people to run a rental business.

    Does this pricing make the BeatThis list?

    • The BeatThis list for Hypergrid. Current status
    • Insufficient data.  
    • For price/performance, I need a quantitative measure of performance.
    • I have the impression that Kitely's performance is better than I see in Second Life.
    • And better than I usually see on the HG.  
    • The hardware they are using (at Amazon) should be current and fast.
    • The bandwidth should be enormous.
    • They use Solid-State Drive (SSD) for urgent memory storage. 
    • Guaranteed memory should reduce lag.  
    • They have excellent customer service and automation.  
    • They have some proprietary features to improve performance.
    • All that surely improves performance.  But I don't know how much.  
    • There are free sandboxes available--you can test for yourself.  
    • Sandboxes in Kitely
    • Opinion: Kitely probably has the best performance of HG commercial grids. 
    • But an opinion does not compute.  You'll just have to visit Kitely and see.

    Maria's comments

    But even with the price cuts, Kitely is not quite the lowest-cost provider.
    The SkyLife grid offers single, always-on regions for just $3 each for 15,000 prims, and a 16-region varregion with 80,000 prims for just $20 per month — or $1.25 per 5,000-prim region.
    But the SkyLife grid offer is new, and the grid is tiny compared to Kitely, so it remains to be seen if the offer will scale. In addition, SkyLife does not currently offer performance guarantees



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