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2015 HELP: Radio for your place - Radio for the metaverse. Anyone for podcasts?

Radio for your place - Radio for the metaverse.  
Anyone for podcasts?
Updated 10/17/2017
Virtual worlds can carry streaming audio from the internet.  You can stream audio to your place.  Live music.  DJ managed music.  Internet radio.  Theme targeted music.  Audio dramas.  Voice-over narrations for the site.

  • Hobo Radio, scripted
  • Philco Cathedral-style radio  Popular in the 1930's
  • Script by Ferd Frederix  
  • Free copy in the Thinkerer box at the Hobo Sandbox 
  • hop:// II/125/357/22
  • Group members can use it if deeded to group.
  • Never deed your only copy to a group.

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Anyone  for Podcasts?

  • Story reading 
  • Story reading with sound effects
  • Story telling with matching voices
  • Audio dramatization: Audio script, voice acting, sound effects.
  • Audacity (free download)

A word from the YesButters

  • Yes, but well-known recent work is mostly under copyright.
  • Copyright (Wikipedia)
  • You can't read that in public
  • What you can't do is always about old ideas.    
  • New ideas start with what you can do.
  • You can read older works in public, those out of copyright.
  • And you can read any work if the copyright owner gives you permission.

Who would give you permission to podcast their writing?

  • Somebody looking for a editor and publisher
  • If you select and read somebody's writing, you edit and publish it
  • Your don't know how to do that?  Don't worry.   Nobody will notice
  • Just look for content that interests you.  And read it as if you find it interesting

Where can you find writers?  (G+ communities)

Old time radio sources


  • Google search on old time radio
  • Could you stream any of those sources?
  • I don't know.  Ask.
  • Could you stream to a theme?  
  • Sky King would fit Music to fly by.

Would any of these work? 

  • IDK
  • And I don't know if someone can think of others.
  • These are just ideas off the top of my head.


News and Notes


    How to handle a Hypergrid address in Firestorm


    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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