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2015 EDU: PEOPLE: WRITE: Decades Festival, a celebration of Historical education

Decades Festival, a celebration of Historical education 
The Decades Festival, a celebration of Historical education and RP in virtual worlds, will start on Valhalla Island in Second Life at 12:01 am on June 27.  What follows will be 24 hours of learning and fun!  
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News and Notes

    • Hypergate WIP Show  Next show: June 14, noon PacificTime
    • Roxy Roller: Next Show: Tues 6/16, 11 am Pacific time
    • II
    • 11 am Matthew Broyles; Noon, Joe Rizzo

    Ancient art
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    Exhibits will cover

    • art
    • aeronautics history
    • spirituality
    • fashion
    • architecture
    World-Wide art

    Exhibits List

    • History of Hats (Sofia Von Essen)
    • Dwellings Throughout Time (Jacon Cortes and company)
    • The Changing Face of Man (Art)  (Sister Butta and Leena Fandango)
    • Aeronautics  (Heximer Thane)
    • Historical  Battle Attire (BrandonPatrick McRory and company)
    • Tarot Over Time (Merry Chase)
    • Historical Communities Display (Aldo Stern)
    • HCRC Website Display (Tatiana Dubochik)
    • Coffee Shop and Hang-out (Aph MacBain)
    • Sea Witch Navigation Exhibit and Fencing (Lucerius  Zeffirelli)
    • There will be stories and poems and dancing!  
    • Visitors are encouraged to don their favorite period attire.

    A house of cards

    Live Performances

    • 8 am Poetry of a Millennium with Sabreman Carter and Freda Frostbite
    • 10 am IC Forum: Dr. Greymoon Discusses The Use of Herbs and Uroskopy in 18th Century Medicine.
    • Noon -2pm:  Decades Ball
    • 4 pm - Dramatic Readings Directed by Sere Timeless
    • Wald Schridde, live music TBD
    • More live music, TBD
    • Fashion Show TBD
    Air and space museum
    • Just a hint of what such a museum could be in a virtual world
    • The Decades Festival will include a variety of exhibits, performances and builds. 
    • There will be live theater, music, fencing and balloon rides. 

    News and Notes



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