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2015 PEOPLE: STAGE: Entertainment on the Hypergrid, a G+ community

Entertainment on the Hypergrid, a G+ community
Since the Hypergrid is growing and the prospects for music and other entertainment on the Hypergrid may be growing, this community is needed to let everyone interested in entertainment on the Hypergrid to share information and ideas. I hope this place becomes one of the go-to places to find out what is happening in entertainment in virtual worlds. 

  • Musicians, agents, event and venue managers, fans, bloggers 
  • Promote upcoming events, calendars, CDs, web sites. Talk with fans 
  • Agents: recruit clients, promote your clients, look for venues.
  • Event and venue managers: Promote events, venues, calendars, call for performers
  • Radio steamers: Think of your radio stream as different kind of venue.
  • Fans: Tell about events you attended, post pictures, link to your posts 
  • Bloggers: Promote your articles about events. 
  • Everyone: find out what is happening in Hypergrid entertainment
  • Entertainment on the Hypergrid

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News and Notes

Prose Poetry Short Poetry Workshop-Tue-6/23, 7pm SLT 

This week the Short Poetry Workshop revisits Prose Poetry. A controversial subject in the literary world since the early 1800s Prose Poetry can be written in prose style, or take the shape of many styles. Popular poets such as Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Robert Bly, Edgar Allen Poe, T.S. Elliot, e.e. cummings, wrote Prose Poetry. Join us at the Short Poetry Library to learn, write and share your Prose poem.

  • Morlita Quan! 2 PM Pacific (SLT) Wed., June 24th! 
  • Wizards Retreat on Cookie II of Kitely Grid
  • HyperGrid teleport: grid.kitely.com:8002:Cookie II

Use this community for hypergrid entertainment matters 

  • to look for entertainment event notices, links and calendars.
  • to post about and link to event notices. 
  • to post about and link to entertainment services.
  • to ask about and discuss entertainment services.

Maria's Hypergrid summary, June 2015

  • OpenSim grids gained 1,733 regions, for a new total of 62,995. 
  • The gains were almost all on the hypergrid.
  • There were 31,397 active hypergrid users in May.
  • InWorldz had 7,630 active users in the same period.
  • Hypergrid now accounts for 62% of active users on Opensim.

Community connection to this blog

  • This blog Is now carrying a regular notice of upcoming events.
  • On Fridays, ahead of the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • Upcoming: Opportunities and events, June 12, 2015
  • The Upcoming Events page is for big events and recurring events.
  • I will pick up items from Entertainment on the Hypergrid
  • A G+ community is short term info.  Notice now, can't find later.
  • A blog is long term.  Google search can find it later.  
  • Get lasting info onto a web page or blog.
  • I will post calls for specific info in the community
  • If I get enough info, I will post it. 
  • How to search this blog

Specific uses for specific roles

Musicians and other performers

  • Post links to your bio, schedule, agent, CDs, Videos, etc. 
  • Post notices and links for your upcoming events.
  • Post links to your web pages and music streams
  • Post inquiries for agents and venues that deal with your style

Agents and event managers

  • Post links to your services, credits, clients.
  • Post about performers and events you are promoting.

Venue managers

  • Post links to your venue, schedule, calendar, and interests
  • Post about performers and events you are promoting.


  • Post about events and performers you liked.
  • Post about what you want to see and hear.


  • Look for events, performers, and venues you can blog about.
  • Post calls for press releases you would like to see.


  • Post questions, calls for help, suggestions, anything where others may help

Destinations on the Hypergrid

Opensimworld. Destination guide for the Hypergrid

Addresses on the Hypergrid

  • To use a hypergrid address, put it in the world map next to find.
  • Third search bar, next to the find button
  • Click find, click teleport if the place is found.
  • Take a landmark when you get to a place you like.
  • Firestorm: World--Landmark this place.
  • Landmarks seem to work well over HG and can get you to the coordinates.

Using Google Calendars

Q&A for Entertainment on the Hypergrid


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News and Notes


    How to handle a Hypergrid address in Firestorm


    Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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