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2015 EDU: Simvalley offered free land, 1024 sqm, and free sim for a while. Now Closed.

Simvalley offered free land, 1024 sqm,  
free sim for a while.   Now closed
Updated 6/25/2016
Educators: If you are looking into the Hypergrid as a place to try using virtual worlds for instruction,  Simvalley is an educator-friendly grid that offers free land and good entry level on-boarding for incoming students.   
Arrival point
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  • Paste the line below into your world map next to the Find button, Find. Enter
  • (I get script warning errors at the arrival point and ignore them.)  
  • Problems may be due to server location in Europe and low bandwidth
  • Every new citizen gets 1024 sqm. free land (for now)
  • Educators can rent a sim (65,000 sqm / 15,000 prims) till 1-1-2016 for FREE!
  • Web site: Simvalley
  • These pages are sometimes unavailable (time out error).
  • Problems may be due to server location in Europe and low bandwidth.
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News and Notes

Easy access to Help Island
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This Help Island makes my beat this list

Arrive at Help Island
  • The posters have buttons for notecards 
All material in SIMVALLEY is FREE. Houses, furniture, clothes, skins, shapes and other things are free available at the many shops in simvalley.  If you have any doubt then make a free account at and look around and also get the 1024 sqm free land that every new citizen gets.
Kiosks TP to useful places
SIMVALLEY is a grid with a great number of Dutch schools and Education institutes that like to work together and develop material for classes and trainings. To make it attractive to educational institute BUSINESS INSPIRE (the owner of EDUGRID NL, SIMVALLEY and other private closed grids) the possibility to rent a complete sim (65000 sqm / 15000 prims) till 1-1-2016 for FREE!
Appearance adjustment
Helpers online
BUSINESS INSPIRE provides products and services to improve efficiency, effectivity and flexibility of organizations. Not only to improve internal performance but also for a better approach to the market or to support customers. In today’s turbulent changing world is this the real challenge!  
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TP to local places
Walk to Avatar Island

TP to beginner places
  • Avatar Island: get free avatars
  • Free Shops
  • Simvalley Campus
  • Conference center
Dance pavilion 


The offer sounds very attractive, but the web sites seem to be unreliable, perhaps only to people not in Europe.  I have not had trouble reaching the grid, but I have only tried a few times.  I would be reluctant to build anything of value there unless I could get an OAR file easily.  I am not sure how I could do that if the web site is not accessible.  


The current HG BeatThis list. Beginner guides

Grid welcome points.  Make people glad they came to your grid.  

Viewer Hypergridding:  Make it easy to get to any place on the hypergrid

HG market.  Buyers want lots of choices and search support

Destination guide


Educational Grids (from the Education summary on this blog)

VIBE--Virtual Islands for Better Education


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