Friday, June 19, 2015

2015 EDU: PEOPLE: Murassic Park. Be your own dinosaur

Murassic Park.  Be your own dinosaur
Paleontology, ecology--come alive! If you are going to play the role of T. Rex, you have to find out how T. Rex made a living.  Is this an accurate depiction?   Can you make a video about T. Rex making a kill? 

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News and Notes


Arrive here
  • They have a selection of both dinosaur and human roles.
  • It is a family oriented role-play sim.
  • With realistic looking atmosphere and dinosaurs!
  • Come check them out!  Ring the bell in the trailer for a tour!
  • Join the group: Murassic Park, over 400 members.  
Click to contact someone online

  • Tour guides are available
Allosaurus Avatars
  • Prices: 1500 LIndens (about $5.77 USD) and 950 Lindens (about $3.65 USD).

Recently expanded to add places for kids:

  • amusement park 
  • school for learning about dinosaurs 
  • school for learning how to be a junior lab assistant
  • a lazy river that folks can take a kayak and see dinosaurs 


News and Notes


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