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2015 PEOPLE: HOBBIES: Starfleet Astraios, in the Gamma quadrant. Roleplaying

Starfleet Astraios, in the Gamma quadrant.
Roleplaying in the world of 'Star Trek'
"Starfleet Astraios" is an outpost of United Federation Starfleet, which is based on hypergrid-enabled 3rd Rock Grid. Roleplaying 'Star Trek' in the Gamma Quadrant with avatars, ships, stations, uniforms, Starfleet Academy, and more!  Roleplaying in a Virtual World gives you the ability to be immersed in the scenes and settings. You can have an avatar to fit the character and the avatar can be in  a virtual landscape created to support imagination, storytelling and roleplaying.

  • HG address: Paste the line below in the World Map, 
  • next to Find, click Find, Click Teleport when found.
  • Astraios
  • Blog: Starfleet Asterios
People are welcome to pop by anytime,or attend one of our weekly events to meet people and have a tour: Saturdays 0800 Raktajino Hour; Tuesdays 1200 Starfleet Boogie. We invite you to come and take a look, attend an event, observe a roleplay, or join right in!--FCapt Poison Toocool, (Colony Commander, Astraios, Commanding Officer, SS Astraios)
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News and Notes

    • Hypergate WIP Show  Next show: June 5, noon PacificTime
    • Roxy Roller: Next Show: Tues 6/16, 11 am Pacific time
    • II
    • 11 am Matthew Broyles; Noon, Joe Rizzo

    Astraios Colony
    We have, of this writing, several full sized sims/regions joined together on 3rd Rock Grid to create our Colony, the planet of Astraios prime, as well as settlements, villages and other areas where roleplay can take place. In addition we have 3 locations on Metropolis grid that are used as planets in the Astraios Sector, for away missions as well as immersive roleplay.
    Welcome center
    Once you arrive, visit our UFS Welcome Centre for information, a guide book, and supplies.  If you take the turbo lift to Supply, you will find skins, shapes, hair, and civilian clothing, all complimentary, to help kit you out.  Current members of UFS will need to contact a Senior Officer in order to be added to groups and obtain a UFS uniform, pips, titler, etc. 
    At Astraios, an avatar can train at Starfleet Academy, wearing the uniform of a cadet, participate in missions on a starship bridge, and create relationships with the officers and crew around them, both "IC" (in character) or "OOC" (out of character).
    Click image to enlarge
    Or, a 'civilian' and/or 'alien species' character may be created for roleplay purposes. The history of the UFS outpost and its ships & stations, along with the roleplayer's character background, provides a foundation for interesting and compelling RP.

    At this time we are seeking Trek fans who would like to become Starfleet officers in the various branches that serve aboard ships & stations. We would also welcome roleplayers who would like to play non-Starfleet characters in our 'world', characters such as Vulcans, Dosi, emancipated Borg, Klingon, and species of the Gamma Quadrant.
    Shuttles on exhibit
    • To explore the place, look for teleports.

    HG wormhole established!

    TimeLine Secret! The ability of the HG protocol to establish wormholes was not public knowledge till March 12, 2073.  If you are reading this before that date, you must assume that the information given below is fictional or you jeopardize your timeline.  You may safely discuss this information with others as if it were true, counting on general time-blindness to keep people from taking you seriously. Do not, however, allow yourself to consider the possibility that the HG protocol can create wormholes or that HG stands for Higgs Grid.
    FCapt Poison Toocool, (Colony Commander, Astraios, Commanding Officer, SS Astraios), contacted me via the HG protocol wormhole with information about recent events at Astraios.  I will post this information as soon as it is properly redacted to protect the timeline.  I expect to receive updating information from FCapt Toocool and will post it in this blog.  
    REMEMBER:  This information is entirely fictional!!!  


    News and Notes



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