Thursday, June 4, 2015

2015 HELP: Thinkerer Utility Kit has utility scripts and objects for starting in HG

Thinkerer Utility Kit has utility scripts and objects 
for starting in HG
The Thinkerer Utility Kit is at the entrance to the Hobo Sandbox on Cookie II in Kitely.  The box and contents are free.  Take a copy of the box and drag anything you want into your inventory.  The contents are mostly utility scripts and objects for use in OpenSim.  There are also a few items that I have mentioned in articles on this blog.   
Thinkerer Utility Kit 


  • Cookie II web page
  • HG address:
  • Paste the HG address into the World Map, next to Find. Click Find.
  • From Kitely: hop:// II/125/356/22
  • Paste the hop in the nav bar of Firestorm, enter.
  • Or use the World Map to go to Cookie II, then look for walkin TP to sandbox
  • All the scripts are CCO: Use any way you please, no attribution.
  • There is noting worth stealing here anyway.
  • This is just a convenient collection for new people on the HG
  • Not exportable?  I have tried to make everything exportable
  • If it is not exportable, I don't know how to fix it.  
  • You can copy scripts to a notepad (any text editor that does not format)
  • And recreate them on your grid. 

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News and Notes

    • Hypergate WIP Show  Next show: June 5, noon PacificTime
    • Roxy Roller: Next Show: Tues 6/16, 11 am Pacific time
    • II
    • 11 am Matthew Broyles; Noon, Joe Rizzo

    Some contents are embedded in a notecard

    Scripts and other resources


    News and Notes



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