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2015 HG: PEOPLE: BIZ: WIP Show, works in progress on the Hypergrid June 3, 2015

WIP SHOW Show and Tell of Works In Progress 
June 3, 2015

Hypergridders have lots of work in progress.  The WIP show is a place where we can get together and show it.  Show what we are doing, tell a little about it.   Maybe get the presentation on video, as here.  Maybe ask other creators for advice, scripts, or content. Certainly find out what other creators are working on. Creative collaboration, we call it. 

  • Hobo Sandbox on Cookie II
  • Go to Kitely grid: 
  • Paste the line below in the World Map next to Find.  Find, Teleport
  • On Kitely paste the line below in the Nav bar of Firestorm, Enter
  • hop:// II/141/366/22
  • Or find Cookie in the world map.

WIP Show background

All hypergridders welcome

  • Find the schedule in this Google+ community:
  • WIP Google+ community.  
  • Post your offer to present in the above community.
  • Or contact Serene Jewell
  • If you need a land manager to rez the object, mention this.
  • Describe your presentation if you want.

In voice and text

  • Your presentation may appear in a video if you speak.
  • You don't have to speak.  You can make and distribute a notecard.
  • Or type into chat.  Or copy/paste into chat for faster delivery

Use the WIP Google+ community 

  • Give extra information.
  • Give pictures and web links.
  • Ask and answer questions.  
  • Promote your presentation.

Hypergridders: bring you stuff in your Suitcase

      This WIP Show was scheduled to fit the Hypergrid Safari visit

      • The Hypergrid Safari explores the Hypergrid every Wednesday.
      • The group leaves at 12.00 pm SLT /9pm Euro. time from Teravus Plaza, OSGrid.
      • Paste line belo in your World Map, next to Find, click Find, Teleport
      • Plaza
      • Look here for news:Hypergrid Safari Google+ community.  

      Hobo Sandbox for buiding

      • Builders and beginners are welcome to build in the Hobo Sandbox.  
      • You must be a  member of the Hobo Sandboxers group (for griefer control).  
      • To join, contact Selby Evans in Kitely.  
      • You can join even if you come in from the Hypergrid 
      • (though you may have to be in Kitely at the time of joining).


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