Monday, August 1, 2011

2013 VIDEO: Actors Sandbox workshop

Actors' Sandbox expands to machinima (video)
The Actors' Sandbox is expanding its scope with the beginning of a parallel workshop series designed for creators of machinima.
The Actors' Sandbox is a recurring workshop that provides actors and independent media producers a chance to meet and network. Actors have a chance to demonstrate some of their skills, and possibly build new material for their reels. Producers have the chance to see who's putting their talent and experience on the line as an actor -- and speculate about who they'd want to see in their next production.
In the next regularly scheduled workshop (Wed, 8/3 at 12:00 noon SLT), the workshop will incorporate training for emerging and experienced machinima cinematographers. While the actors conduct their exercises in dramatic interpretation and avatar motion, machinima participants will conduct specific exercises in filming a live event.
If you are interested in expanding your skills at machinima production, contact Corky Myrtle in Second Life or Vincent Lowe at Machinima Artists Guild.


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