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2020 HG: HELP: An OpenSimulator place can be big, with many destinations. The landmark solution. Land manager skills

An OpenSimulator place can be big, 
with many destinations.  
The landmark solution.  
Land manager skills       
How to get the public to the place you manage with a landmark.  A Land manager skills set for those who want level up.  Other travel methods and Land manager skills will be covered in later articles.
A landmark is even faster
  • A sim in OpenSimulator can be much bigger than 256X256 meters.
  • On Kitely, the available sizes go up to 1024X1024 meters. 
  • That is over .6 mile on a side,  
  • Depending on where you live that is from six to twelve city blocks.
  • You could have a dozen destinations of public interest there. 
  • You need a way to get people to where they want to go on your place.
  • Furthermore, you often need a way that you can post in plain text.  

Travel methods for the Hypergrid

  • Landmark: Best method, but can only be given inworld.
  • Hypergrid address: in plain text, but only goes to a sim, not coordinates.
  • Firestorm hop: in plain text, may only work in Firestorm, only works for users in the grid it directs to.
  • Walkin or on-click teleport:  A device located inworld.  


Travel instructions for beginners

Provide a landmark to the place

  • Landmark (LM): A special chunk of OpenSimulator code the system uses to move an avatar to another simulator.
  • It is generally kept in your inventory and accessed in the landmark folder.
  • You will need to get a landmark to the destination.

Get a landmark

  • Go to the place you want the LM to take people to.
  • The LM will take people to those coordinates.
  • Be sure you are just  where you want people to land.
  • Make sure you are not flying.
  • Instructions for SceneGate
  • Click the Places button.  Click the plus (+) sign at the bottom of the Places panel.
  • Click the Add Landmark option
  • Instructions for Firestorm: 
  • Click the World button (upper left).  
  • On the drop-down, click "Landmark this place."
  • If you are in the grid where you logged in, the LM will go into your Landmark folder.
  • If you not in the grid where you logged in, the LM will go into your Suitcase folder (and its Landmarks subfolder).

Give a landmark directly

  • To send a LM to a person, open an IM chat link to that person.
  • Drag the LM from your inventory to the chat bar and release it.
  • (You won't lose your copy: only a copy is sent.)

Put a landmark in a notecard

  • With the notecard open, drag the LM to the note card.
  • A person can get the notecard put in their inventory by clicking on it.
  • Caution: One can only get the LM from the notecard in the grid where it was made. 

Put a landmark in a giver box

  • A giver box puts a copy of a LM in the inventory of the person who activates it.
  • Activate: a triggering event, such as a click.
  • There are free scripts widely available: ask an experienced friend,
  • Or buy one:  Givers on Kitely Market

Send a landmark to a group

  • Often used in announce an event.
  • You need to level up to group manager skills to use this method.  
  • You need to have a management role in the group 

Are landmarks reliable? 

  • They are probably the most reliable method for Hypergrid travel.
  • Failures may happen for reasons beyond the HG control:
  • The request may timeout because of heavy internet traffic.
  • Many OpenSim grids are run by individuals from their own homes.
  • The grid may be offline.  Or it may be mis-configured.  
  • So if a LM fails, try again a few hours/days later.
  • For instructional or business purposes you may want more reliability.
  • For reliability you may want to stick to commercial grids.


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