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2019 RP: HOBBY: Tessin: Themed place: roleplay adventure: Clothing, combat, crafting, farming

Tessin: Themed place: 
role play adventure: 
Clothing, combat, crafting, farming
Some of the offerings  of Tessin in support of roleplay.
Teleport board to places 
around the island
Click Image to enlarge

Go there

  • Hypergrid address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map., Click FindTP

  • Tessin (Web Page)
  • Tessin (Place in Kitely)
  • Tessin is a 4X4 place, that is 1024 by 1024  (= 16 sims) 
Marked map of Tessin 

Dress the part

Free clothing here
  • On the Teleport board click the "Free clothes" button.
Clothing store at Port Hope 

Vine Dryads
Clothes for ladies 

 Clothes for men

 Clothes for pirates

Come  and select your wardrobe

Combat and crafting zone

Highwaymen attack suddenly in the forest or in dark alleys. Fellow players could invite you for a duel. You can be a well paid warrior by earning RP coins. Enter the game as a poor hardworking man or woman, and you will experience that hard working will be rewarded. If not defeating enemies , you can also craft your weapons and tools yourself , and stay healthy by collecting herbs and ingredients for your food. Or just be a thief…. Combat systems name is Konk. 

You gotta have a scorecard

You have to wear a game HUD 

to play
  • A HUD is a Head Up Display that gives you options and information.
  • The HUD also keeps track of what happens.
  • The highwaymen are NonPlayer Characters (NPCs)
  • NPCs on this blog.
Crafting instructions on the wall


Wildlands is a place where the inhabitants wish to be left alone. Their community is self sufficient. There is cattle , farming fields, fruit trees, grain mills, ovens, and much more. You can be a member and lend a hand when its harvest time. Farming systems name is Satyr.  
Northern island

Another roleplay place

  • Seanchai Library has 30 some themed regions suitable for roleplaying.  
  • These are open to all users and roleplay is invited 
  • The also invite you to come  to Live Voice Storytelling sessions there,
  • HG address:  

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