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2019 HOBBY: Tessin: Themed place: roleplay adventure: sailing, combat, farming. Utrechtse Statenjacht

Tessin: Themed place: roleplay adventure: 
sailing, combat, farming.  Utrechtse Statenjacht 

Tessin has an adventure theme with several activities.  This article reports on sailing and a ship of historical interest.  The sailing is supported by Kayaker Magic, a ship-builders and scripter of renown in OpenSim.  Tessin has gathered some respected assets of OpenSim to support its adventures.

Go there

Hypergrid address:
Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map., Click FindTP

Tessin (Web Page)
Tessin (Place in Kitely)
Tessin is a 4X4 that is 1024 by 1024  (= 16 sims) 


Teleport board to places 
around the island
Click Image to enlarge
  • The button for Utrechtse Statenjacht is on the right (3 button column) 
  • Click that to go to the dock and set up for sailing
  • Sailing tutorial
Marked map of Tessin 

The button for Utrechtse Statenjacht 
takes you here
Click image to enlarge
  • You need to wear a HUD to sail.  You may need to join the group.
  • If you arrive without pressing the button, the boat may not be there.
  • Click on the sign to rez the boat.
Get this hud to sail Statenjacht 
  • HUD=Heads up display
  • HUD puts sailing controls on your screen.
I am at the helm
I am not a good sailor
  • Statenjacht deletes itself or returns to dock if you leave it 

Statenjacht at the dock


  • Every sea passage gives a different view of the beautiful shores and landscapes. 
  • For every visitor is a ship available. 
  • It has wonderful navigation tools for a realistic sailing experience. 
  • Join the sailing race competition, or just sail where the wind brings you!
  • Sailing by Kayaker Magic
  • There are tip signs around for those who like to pay their way.
You can also fish

Teleport buttons are offered 
in the main activity places

Kayaker works magic with scripts

Sailing in Virtual Worlds


  • Seanchai Library has 30 some themed regions suitable for roleplaying.  
  • These are open to Rooney and roleplay is invited 
  • The also invite you to come  to Live Voice Storytelling sessions there,
  • HG address:  

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