Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 PROMO: Promote your grid with twitter embed and live chat on the landing page.

Promote your grid or community 
with live chat on the landing page.  

Suggestions for how OpenSim grid owners can increase the promotion of their grids on their landing pages. 
Part of the Littlefield landing page

  • Live chat was not available when we tried.  Littlefield  grid
  • The button offered email contact.  Better than nothing, but not live.
  • Live chat with a real person would be good for marketing
  • You could use an ingrid group (if you are running the grid).
  • You could use free chat software.
  • You could use Frendica
  • Grid: Set up a group for the grid.  Put that chat on the landing page
  • Community: You already are a group.  Put your blog on the landing page
  • Themed grid: Put the chat from your main group on the landing page.
  • Twitter can serve as your timeline and you can embed it in your blog
  • Make a Twitter account for your community or grid.

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