Friday, January 18, 2019

2019 WRITE: BLOG: Use auto-curation on your blogs

Use auto-curation on your blogs
If your blog carries evergreen content, you want to think about curating it.  The best curation requires manual intervention, but auto-curating is always up-to-date.
  • About curation
  • Are some of your blog posts evergreen (of lasting interest)?
  • If so, you want to help people to find them in the future. 
  • Blogs stay available indefinitely.  
  • Here are some ways you can help your readers find articles in your blog.


General search (SEO)

What terms might people use when looking for info you offer?

  • You use keywords to help people find your articles in regular search.
  • But regular search covers everything on the internet.
  • If you have readers on your blog, you prefer to send them to one of your articles.
  • Chrome puts a search bar at the top left of Blogger pages.
  • You can use this bar to make a link for searching your blog for a term you choose
  • To search this blog for articles about blogging, click here.
  • This link is a live search--it will do a search when it is clicked. 
  • So it is always up-to-date.

Working with search links

Make a search link

  • Google search for a topic you are covering in your blog.
  • Copy the search command from the search (url) bar of your browser.
  • Insert it as a link into the term in your blog article.
  • This method works in Blogger, with the Chrome browser. 
  • I have not tested any other browsers since I don't use them.

Keywords on a Blogger blog

  • Blogger lets you put labels on your blog articles.   
  • You can use the labels to gather collections of articles with the label you choose.
  • You can also use the labels to gather such articles for your readers:
  • Articles in this blog about writing
  • To see the search instructions, right click on the link and choose "Copy link address."
  • Then paste that anywhere convenient. I pasted it below:
  • You can replace WRT with any label on your blog.
  • And you must replace my url with the url for your blog at the beginning.

Readers can search the page

  • Search the page:  Ctrl+f (type in the search bar, top of the page)

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