Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 EDU: The Hero's Journey and Guided Pathways--Peninsula College

The Hero's Journey 
and Guided Pathways

An onboarding video by Peninsula College, based partly on videos taken in MUVEs (virtual worlds).  The video draws on an old literary metaphor and modern technology and incidentally shows something that students could learn to do at the college.  

The Hero's Journey and Guided Pathways is an ongoing project at Peninsula College. It is designed to help students with the orientation process and encouragement to follow their dreams.This is a sneak peak into the Journey. Stay tuned for more! This video was directed and edited by Clara Sue Hill.

You may wonder what the mythical hero's journey has to do with going to college.  See for yourself in Wikipedia: Hero's Journey


Resources for video creation in MUVEs

        The MUVEs I use most

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