Saturday, January 12, 2019

2019 EDU: MUVE: Themed grids/MUVEs focus on what the customer wants

Themed grids or virtual places, 
focus on what the customer wants

The Empty Classroom

Themes, grids, websites, MUVEs


Time to stop selling land on a grid

  • That's if you want a large market.
  • A school does not want a grid. It wants a campus,
  • Singers and their audiences do not want a grid.  They want night clubs.
  • Sailing fans do not want a grid.  They want open water.
  • If you want to sell, talk to customers in the language they speak.
  • Talk to them about what they want.
  • If you talk in geek speak you sell only to geeks.
  • Grid is ingroup.  The big market is outgroup.

Think 3D communities

  • Communities that meet in 3D places.  
  • Educational communities already exist.  
  • They already talk among themselves on the web.
  • Some of us are already in these communities, talking to them about MUVEs.
  • But we don't talk about MUVEs in general.  
  • We talk about educational activities in MUVEs--current and potential.
  • -
  • Are lots of people interested in communities that fit their interests?
  • People in education are interested in others needing or offering specific learning opportunities.
  • People with hobbies are interested in others with the same hobby.
  • People on a mission are interested in others on the same mission.
  • People in retail are interested in meeting potential customers.
  • None of these people are interested in grids.
  • All of these people would be interested in 3D spaces 
  • If they saw 3D Spaces as tools that serve their goals.
  • 3D communities are people who come together in 3D spaces 
  • Kitely: Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids)

Example of a themed place on the Hypergrid

The customer's MUVEs:educators

  • Not just a name change--a change of focus.
  • A MUVE is what we old timers call a sim. 
  • Collect some of them on a website and you have a "grid".
  • At least that is what we virtual worlders call it.  
  • There are lots of potential customers for what we call "virtual worlds."
  • Potential means you haven't done it yet.
  • But people in education are interested in education, not grids.
  • Educators would be interested in grids if they saw them as tools to serve their goals.
  • We OpenSimmers see grids and MUVEs as places where students can learn. 
  • Low-cost and easily accessed places.
  • Classrooms that fit the educational objectives.
  • We have stories to tell.
  • And places to tell  the stories.

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