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2017 WW: BIZ: User-built web-worlds are here. Do they have a business model?

User-built web-worlds are here.  
Do they have a business model?
Cybalounge has the basis of a service to support user-built web-worlds.  If there is enough demand for such worlds, a service like that could develop into a profitable business.  Here I consider the current status of user-built web-worlds and the services that might have commercial potential.
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations


Web-worlds are 3D worlds that can reach almost everyone who uses a browser.  They use HTML5 and WebGL (Web Graphics Library), both available on all modern browsers.   A web-world can be accessed in a low-cost laptop, a Chromebook, an Ipad or a tablet.


User-built web-worlds



      • Load times increase with content and detail.
      • Browsers limit memory space available.
      • Limited content currently available.
      How will we use them?  
      • In web sites, rather than grids.  
      • But they may be hosted by aggregators.
      • Browser clicks instead of teleports.  
      • The worlds will be fitted to the web site interests.  
      • Some will be stand-alone worlds, others will invite to full virtual worlds.  
      • IMA web-world site
      • Stand-alone worlds could have many mini-worlds, like floors in a building

      Possible stand-alone world services: 

      • Counsellors, life coaches, tutors.  These pages can have the security level of https and would require passwords.    
      • Meetings, presentations, classes. 
      • Space demos: Houses, gardens, parks, buildings, hotel rooms, restaurants, cruise ships, Tourist locations.
      • Events: music, one act plays, comedy, quiz shows (web audience participation).

      Web-worlds as introductions to full virtual worlds

      • Education: Orientation on the web, help with loading the viewer, direct link to the correct location in the virtual world. Separate worlds for each instructional unit.  
      • Hobbiesrail, sail, ride (anything), race (anything), cars, video production: Miniworld offers sample.  The page may also carry videos and direct links to the relevant worlds.
      • Art, multimedia, installation, curated: samples in the miniworld, videos, direct links to relevant webpages and virtual worlds.
      • Theater and video production:  Short plays, conversations with directors, actors, videographers, auditions, table reads.  Videos on the web page, links to relevant web pages and virtual worlds.  

      Why would virtual-worlders want to build web-worlds?

      • Promote and recruit for the projects they run in virtual worlds.
      • Web-worlds are as accessible as any web page.
      • They can offer illustrations and examples of virtual worlds.
      • We can show people what we do in virtual worlds. 
      • W can talk them through the download/install viewer process.
      • And walk them through the initial confusion of starting in a virtual world.
      • They will put up with this effort when they know why they are doing it.

      Are there other people who might want user-built web-worlds?

      • Consultants, life-coaches, tutors, and others whose work is mainly face-to-face talking.
      • These people might use professionally-built web-worlds like  A2Z Galleria 
      • But with a little instruction, they could modify a user-built web-world.
      • They can put up web pages and personal paged from Google Docs.
      • They might pay for a prefab office and enough institution to put up posters.

      Web-worlds don't need a grid, but user-build features add value

      • Web-worlds have a url--an address on the web--they don't need grid coordinates.
      • But what we call grids in virtual worlds provide many services beyond location.
      • A web-world aggregator can offer many similar services.
      • Cybalounge, for example, provides tools to support building by users.
      • It maintains a shareable inventory of assets.
      • It will probably have ways for users to communicate within the system.
      • Cybalounge aims to develop a service to support user-built web-worlds.
      • That service could develop into a commercial service.





      Building in Cybalounge

      Tutorials on building in Cybalounge



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