Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 OSHG: Nonprofit web-world up and running. How do I put my project there?

Nonprofit web-world up and running.  
How will we put projects there?
Explanation of current plans to bring nonprofit orgs into the web-world and let them provide content relevant to their mission.  The plan is to let each org build its own site with tools provided by Cybalounge.
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations
  • The current plan is that each public service organization will have its own site.
  • Sites will be accessed though the Welcome site.
  • Welcome site with six visitors is shown above. 
  • I host a meeting there almost every day at 10 am California time.
  • I usually have several visitors.
  • Future plan:
  • Visitor enters, sees a list of available sites, clicks on choice, goes there.
  • We hope to have a person at Welcome site much of the time.
  • We also hope to have hosts at the individual service sites part of the time.
  • Each service site will be built by the organization using it.  
  • Cybalounge has the needed tools and instructions for building web-worlds.

Drop by and let's talk


Welcome site

  • I am in the welcome site almost every day from 10 to 10:30 am California time.
  • Dieter, the developer and owner of Cybalounge, is often there part of the time.
  • Others often drop in.  
  • We can answer questions about Cybalounge or talk about anything you want.
  • We usually use voice, which works well with Chrome.
  • Firefox and Edge may not support our voice system yet.
  • Drop by: Cybalounge Nonprofit Web-world
  • The welcome site will have displays showing the service sites available.
  • Clicking on the name of a service site will take the visitor to that site.
  • The displays will probably indicate the sites that currently have people.

Service sites

  • Service sites will be built by the individual organizations that will use them.
  • Or several organizations might work together on a single site.
  • Organizations in collaboration could more easily provide daily hosts. 
  • The main feature of a service site will be a welcoming host.  
  • But if there is no host, the site would offer other things to do.
  • They will probably have posters about the organization.
  • They may have signs that open a web page on click.
  • Audio and video presentations could be offered
  • (Not just short bits for audio--the web has no time limits.)
  • Some kind of leave-a-note service would probably be offered.
  • And possibly some instructional games or quizzes relevant to the service offerings.

Who can have a service site

  • Every organization working with Nonprofit Commons .
  • Other organizations may be considered on a case-by-case basis

How do we build a site?

  • Best start by visiting the welcome center to talk with us.
  • And keep up with happenings here: 3D web-worlds of the browser
  • You will need approval and registration with Cybalounge. 
  • You do not have to work in HTML5 or JavaScript .
  • Cybalounge has building tools and instructions for using them.
  • The instructions will be improved with use.
  • Think of the site as like a parcel in opensim.
  • You will have powers similar those of a parcel owner in opensim.
  • One person is in charge and can appoint others to help.
  • What you are building is a web page, 
  • so you have the resources typical of a web page.


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