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2013 TKR: TEAM: Remote meetings: Manage distractions

Remote meetings: 
Manage distractions
Live Minutes 

Comment on a recent post:
    When conducting meetings within Second Life, do you see any challenges presented by the environment to maintaining this time-saving approach to meetings?
    Do you use any strategies specific to the SL environment to achieve this focus on actioning?   
I see distractions as the major challenge.  And talking about strategies calls for another post. Here it is.
Distractions and how to manage them in SL meetings
In Second Life meetings, people are probably at home or at work. They are subject to different and perhaps more distractions as compared in a face-to-face meeting.    I say perhaps because people at face-to-face meetings have wireless phones and connections to the internet, so they are not nearly as isolated from interruption as they were back in the old days.  But in solution-oriented thinking, the challenge is not the problem.  
The issue is what to do about it.  
  • Expect that individuals will be distracted from time to time
  • Expect that people will miss what is happening for time segments
  • Maintain Live Minutes, a concurrent text record of important points in the discussion
  • Then people can review what happened while they were gone
Suggested instructions for Live Minutes in local chat (Second Life)
  • In this meeting, local chat will be used for Live Minutes
  • What you type in chat will probably be included in the recorded minutes we post
  • If you want to have a private conversation, please use IM
  • If you want to have something on record in the minutes, put it in local chat.
  • If you are a leader on some issue, add a summary of the discussion on that issue
  • If some issue is important to you, post a summary of what you consider important
  • You can review the Live Minutes  by opening your chat history
  • Chat--settings,  history, logs
  • You can have a log of local chat stored on your computer
  • Logs of local chat and IMs --Store 2012
  • We will organize the recorded minutes by agenda item so please keep in mind the agenda item under discussion when you type
These instructions are more elaborate than needed for most meetings.  It may be useful to distribute them at the first meeting on a project.  You might then give reminders later as needed. (The reminder to use IM for private conversations will probably be needed from time to time.)
Leader on some issue = the person who has the action item on that issue.
Group Projects: Tools for getting it done: action items
Advantages of Live Minutes in local chat 
  • Automatically generates record for published report
  • Records accurate web links and language
  • Immediately ready for review if someone needs to catch up
  • Avoids loss of ideas and suggestions that are given in voice
  • Organized by agenda items if the meeting is organized that way
  • Can close with a list of action items and who has them--the agenda for the next meeting 


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