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2013 HELP: Your inventory window

Your inventory window 
Inventory Window 2012
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  • Finding things is easy if you give them names you can remember.
  • The Received Items section makes it easy to find things you just bought.
  • Objects may create new folders when they give you things.
  • The Recent tab is the way to find things that people just now sent you.
  • You can open a second inventory window under the gear graphic
  • You can create a new notecard, folder, etc. under the + sign.
  • You can upload textures, etc. under the + sign.
  • Deleted items go into the trash.  Empty trash sometimes (gear).
  • You may not see the Received Items section until you get something from Marketplace 

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New: Received Items Section

Marketplace: a web site that lists items for sale in Second Life.  If you have set up a payment method, you can buy things on Marketplace with funds from that source.  In the previous system you had to go to a "magic box" to pick up your purchase.  A new method, recently introduced, provides Direct Delivery to your inventory.  
Items delivered via Direct Delivery will go into your Received Items section.  You can easily find them there.  To keep this section from getting cluttered, you may want to move them to a folder in your main inventory.  You can drag things from your Received Items section to a folder in your main inventory section.
Shopping in the Second Life Marketplace
Some merchants may continue to use the magic-box method for a while. In that case, when you login, you will get a notice telling you how to get your purchase.
An item may be delivered in a box.  See this article for help on opening and gathering the contents into your inventory. Open boxes, use the contents
Items that you get in some way other than Direct Delivery will not, at this time, go into your Received Items section.  That includes: 
  • Items people send you, 
  • Items you take or take a copy of, 
  • Items you buy inworld,
  • Items you get from a magic box, 
For the present  these items will go into the appropriate folder in your main inventory.  You can find them most easily by a click on the Recent tab at the top of the inventory folder.  That  tab will display only the folders that contain items received recently.  The system will probably take Recent to mean "received since current login."   You can adjust that meaning to suit your needs: click on the gear graphic at the bottom of the inventory folder and change the filter settings.   

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