Thursday, March 22, 2012

2013 EDU: ART: Using Arts Processes for Learning in Second Life

Niela Miller:  Arts Processes in Education 
– Marly Milena
Guest post
Session presented at Friday, March 16 at;
5th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference
March 15-17, 2012
Second Life

I have been developing new ways to use SL's technology, ie, building, textures, digital photos and painting, to enable students and clients to do problem solving by creating symbolic representations of the self, an idea or a challenge and to work directly with the creation for increased insight, awareness and options. I will do a few demos showing students how to make use of SL tools and we will discuss various applications for teachers and students involved in meaning-making curricula such as philosophy, psychology, or any learning situation in which participants are free to explore ideas and creative solutions to problems.

Bio(s): Niela Miller
Niela Miller, M.S. Education & Communications, is known as Marly Milena in Second Life. She has been designing and implementing creative learning experiences since she arrived in SL in 2007. Her group inworld is called Octagon:Creative Exploration.
She has a background in many arts, education, organization development, group facilitation and humanistic psychology. She has worked in many venues including corporations, non-profit organizations, academia, medical environments and professional conferences. Her main interest is training people who work with people in any capacity, such as teachers, therapists and coaches, how to enhance what they already do by adding arts processes and models from humanistic psychology. She is a composer, fine artist and writer.
PeopleSystems Potential 

Foillowing is a transcript (with permission) of the session, 
which was conducted in local chat.
Arts Processes in Education – Marly Milena
[08:08]  Marly: Welcome, teachers, students and Second Life residents and friends.
[08:08]  Marly: In the short time I have today, I would like to talk about the creative ways that I have been using Second Life technology as an extension of what I have done in my regular career.
[08:08]  Marly: I combine a background in many arts, education and psychology.
[08:08]  Marly: I am excited about the potential of Second Life for teaching and learning, whether it is in content areas such as literature or history, or in the exploration of the human psyche and the interactive community.
[08:08]  Marly: I have a little slide show which illustrates some of my projects.  My friend and technical assistant, Ludo here, will also contribute as a demonstration subject and as someone who has participated in many of my classes and workshops.
[08:08]  Marly: My group in Second Life is called Octagon:Creative Exploration and I invite any of you who plan to be around SL and are interested in creativity, education  and psychology to join my group.
[08:08]  Marly: I will be talking about four different projects we have developed here.  The first one, VISIONS OF SELF  involves photographs, paintings and sometimes a combination of the two.
[08:08]  Marly: In this project I ask people to make self-portraits on their computers and upload them to SL.  Here are a few of mine and one of Ludo's.
[08:08]  Marly: I will briefly describe  what I might do with them in a Visions of Self workshop.
[08:08]  Marly: In this exercise, I might ask each person to represent different aspects of the self---they can be from real life or their virtual world experience. 
[08:08]  Marly: Here is my SLOTH, the part that says, I just like lying here doing nothing, contemplating existence, just BEING. 

[08:08]  Marly: Here is one I call CRYING FOR A WORLD ON FIRE, the part of me that grieves about a world subject to violence and natural disasters. Sometimes I will have the parts talk to each other.
[08:08]  Marly: These parts of the psyche each have their own agenda but all live in the same body so it is important that they know each other and can get along and even draw on each other's strengths.
[08:08]  Marly: This is a way to gain insight and new ideas that goes beyond just thinking or talking alone. 
[08:09]  Marly: Here is Ludo's self-portrait. In this one, there are two separate figures.
[08:09]  Marly: Even if she didn't identify with one of them when she was doing the picture, when we set up the dialogue between them, something can be learned. 

[08:10]  Ludo: I identify with the jester in this picture. She is dancing with others in a beautiful fountain, and wondering why the dark hovering fellow isn't dancing. I seldom identify with the dark fellow, who was supervising for the sponsoring group.
In this picture I'm dancing with others in a beautiful fountain, and wondering why the dark hovering fellow isn't dancing. But sometimes I identify with the dark fellow who has responsibilities and will not be distracted by enjoyment.
[08:10]  Marly: Once a month, I do a program in SL with a Danish fellow who teaches coaching and related subjects in SL
[08:13]  Marly: We ask volunteers to choose a challenge to work on and use the geometric shapes available in the Create program to symbolize different aspects of the challenge.
[08:13]  Marly: The purpose is to gain insight, get clearer about the nature of the issues involved, possibly play with solutions or integrations.
[08:16]  Marly: Some people come to SL  to play and others to create, build and teach.  They have different points of view about commitment here.  So, Ludo, let's create the two sides and set up a dialogue between them….
{Ludo makes an orange ball and says this is the uncommitted playing around person. Then she makes an aqua cube and says this is the person who's here with a purpose.}
[08:19]  Serena Offcourse: You are doing well...
[08:22]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): Oh yes, I can see that better too.
[08:23]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): It makes me think of the immovable object and the irresistable force.
{Ludo kicks the orange ball around, then talks as the cube, “Come join my project. Here's something you can commit yourself to.}
{Ludo replies as the orange ball. “Commit? I'm here to have fun.” Marly suggests  that the two be combined in some way. Ludo makes the cube bigger, saying, “Those that have a purpose here get bigger. They have more influence.”}
{Ludo put the ball on top of the cube, to symbolize that the fun we have here depends on the foundation the committed people build. Marly suggested that the cube should trap the ball. Ludo hollowed the cube and the ball fell inside.}
{Marly asked the ball to talk. “Oooh, this is interesting, but I keep bumping into the walls. I think I'll hop out.” The ball hopped out. The cube chased the ball and enclosed it again.}
[08:25]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): Ah ha!
[08:25]  Pim Peccable: hehe
[08:26]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): lol
[08:26]  Serena Offcourse: Yes it does makes sense - both can learn from each other...
[08:26]  Serena Offcourse: THey both have strengths
[08:27]  jesz Murakami: can they recog that they are one
[08:27]  Serena Offcourse: Or aqua can be on it's side and allow Orange to come and go as it pleases.
{Ludo  turned the cube sideways.}
{Marly asked if anyone taught English Literature.
[08:28]  Serena Offcourse: I do
[08:28]  Serena Offcourse: but not Shakespeare
[08:28]  Marly Milena: This project is based on using literature, specifically monologues from Shakespeare to make a bridge between the archetypes in literature and contemporary life. The Avatar chooses a monologue, finds a costume, makes a piece of art expressing the energy of the character, and we have an interactive dialogue with the audience. Here are two samples of art pieces depicting each of our characters.
[08:28]  Serena Offcourse: Only 3rd grade
[08:29]  Nisse Anatine: I was a TA for a Brit lit college course in SL
[08:29]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): I coach writers. My husband teaches music and Shakespear college course
{Marly shows her picture of Cleopatra, that she did when she read a monologue from Cleopatra in her Shakespeare's Women event.}
[08:29]  Serena Offcourse: Great painting
[08:30]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): oh yes, I see the egyptian headress
[08:30]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): yes
[08:30]  Marly: The Avatar chooses a monologue, finds a costume, makes a piece of art expressing the energy of the character, and we have an interactive dialogue with the audience.
[08:30]  Serena Offcourse: :-)
{Marly asked if anyone could think of modern women who fit the stereotype.}
[08:32]  Serena Offcourse: Nice connection!
[08:32]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): Lady Gaga?
[08:32]  jesz Murakami: hi Oona
[08:32]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): Nice!
[08:32]  Serena Offcourse: Exactly who I was thinking of
[08:32]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): Madonna too and Rihanna
[08:33]  jesz Murakami: who was the one using a male double -- reminded me of Ludo's double
[08:34]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): J-Lo?
[08:34]  Ludo: I am wearing the garb I wore when I performed Kate's final monologue from Taming of the Shrew. I explained afterwards that the art is a heraldic device I imagined for Kate.
[08:34]  Ludo: Kate was a dragon, and people feared her flaming tongue. Tamed by Petrucio, she did not become weak. She became Petrucio's war horse,  able to use all her word-wit to fight the other wives.
[08:35]  Pim Peccable: apt metaphor
[08:35]  jesz Murakami: yes j-lo
[08:35]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): Great ideas!
[08:36]  Marly: Here are two samples of art pieces depicting each of our characters.
[08:36]  Ludo Merit: More pim
[08:36]  Marly: I will briefly mention another project called COMPOSERS AND ARTISTS IMPROVS and show you some illustrations.  We gather instrumentalists who improvise with artists who can spontaneously create.
[08:37]  Marly: The musician starts an improvisation and the artist builds something that expresses the energy of the music.  The audience participates with sharing poetic images in the chat box.
[08:38]  Marly: Then we reverse the process and have the artist start first and the musician improvise to what he or she sees.
[08:38]  Marly: At the end of the session we invite anyone who wants to build something together based on the music they are hearing.
[08:39]  Pim Peccable: nice photo
[08:39]  Marly: This is, as you can imagine, a lot of fun and also teaches participants to keep their visual and auditory senses alert and responsive.
[08:39]  Marly (marly.milena): CESL
[08:39]  Marly: And now, if you have comments or questions please write in the chat bar and put an asterisk after your finished comment or question.
[08:40]  Marly: Feel free to contact me, Marly Milena, about my Second Life programs and resources.
[08:40]  Pim Peccable Laughs
[08:42]  Marly Milena: if you have comments or questions please write in the chat bar and put an asterisk after your finished comment or question.
[08:43]  Ludo Merit: Hurry up or I'll hog the comments!
[08:43]  Pim Peccable: hehe
[08:43]  Nickhelas: Im new to SL but how often do you use SL for education
[08:43]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): Do you work with people who don't have experience with second life? how do you acclimate them easily so they stay?*
[08:44]  Ludo Merit: We aren't recruiting people from first life and bringing them in, the way so many are.
[08:45]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): OH I see Ludo, thank you.
[08:45]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): great question Marly
[08:45]  Hedda Hazelnut: That's great to see some new people!
[08:45]  jesz Murakami: actually what makes SL excessable is meeting ppl here so one knows its not a game*
[08:45]  Nisse Anatine: I got ideas from it.
[08:46]  Nisse Anatine: *
[08:46]  jesz Murakami: Yess Marly - excellent presentation and is very kool that it is texted as well so whats been said is transcriptable [savable] **
[08:46]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): me too
[08:46]  Nisse Anatine: :)*
[08:46]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): I think this is an exciting way to work with the whole person, from a neuroscience point of view especially. *
[08:46]  Hedda Hazelnut: Sorry I was late as I came from another session but do you have any kind of special funding to help people get the resources to access SL?*
[08:47]  Ludo Merit: Octagon doesn't, Hedda.
[08:47]  Ludo Merit: IM me. *
[08:47]  Hedda Hazelnut: Oh yes, tips are helpful.
[08:47]  Pim Peccable: For those that want a transcript, I will have one in approximately an hour . just let me know
[08:47]  Nisse Anatine: I don't know if this is a Q for you, but I am curious about art therapy programs available in SL*
[08:48]  Hedda Hazelnut: I went through those a long time (years) ago.
[08:48]  Nickhelas: What kind of people do you teach? Are they from around the world or just one country?
[08:48]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): where do we leave the tips?
[08:48]  Nisse Anatine: Thanks*
[08:49]  jesz Murakami: ; )
[08:49]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): *
[08:49]  Charlize Bellic is Offline
[08:49]  Marly (marly.milena): NLP House
[08:50]  Nisse Anatine: NLP house in SL?*
[08:50]  Ludo Merit: Wisdom Seeker, we don't have our tip jar out, I assume because it's against policy, but the vWBPE probably has one at the gateway.
[08:50]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): thanks for the tip!
[08:51]  Nisse Anatine: I am *
[08:51]  Nickhelas: Im from sweden :)
[08:52]  Ludo Merit chuckles.
[08:52]  Hedda Hazelnut: Ludo, landmark for the sim?*
[08:53]  Nickhelas: Thank you :)
[08:53]  Marly (marly.milena): NLP House
[08:53]  Hedda Hazelnut: Nice to meet you Nick!
[08:54]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): It's so true! The community here is amazing.
[08:55]  Nickhelas: Cool to be here, hehe
[08:55]  Marly (marly.milena): Prism Lila
[08:55]  Ludo Merit: You can get to Prism Lila by using the world map and tping to the center, where all the info is
[08:55]  Ludo Merit: Hey are we supoosed to advertise?
[08:55]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): Naturally.
[08:56]  Pim Peccable smiles
[08:56]  Pim Peccable: they asked first
[08:56]  Hedda Hazelnut: Hmmmm..
[08:56]  Hedda Hazelnut: We all need more info.(:
[08:56]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): There's no transfer of money - it's just useful information!
[08:56]  Nickhelas: I really need to go to the bathroom, be right back ><
[08:56]  Hedda Hazelnut: TY!!!!
[08:56]  Pim Peccable: VWBPE would like to thank everyone for attending today. We would also like to ask for your participation in the special events we are having during VWBPE.
[08:56]  jesz Murakami: TY TY
[08:56]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): I typed in octagon: creative exploration and was told it didn't exist?
[08:56]  Ludo Merit: Pim has transcript
[08:57]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): as a group
[08:57]  Ludo Merit: Ask him.
[08:57]  Pim Peccable: I will edit it and can deliver later today
[08:57]  Ludo Merit: I think khe's makikng one from the actual chat
[08:57]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): seaRCH
[08:57]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer) says oops, 'speak' left open
[08:57]  Wisdom Seeker (lissena): OKAY
[08:57]  Nisse Anatine is Online
[08:58]  Nisse Anatine: YEs - I got to it from her profile.
[08:58]  Hedda Hazelnut: Yes, great got the group!!
[08:58]  Ludo Merit: Octagon:Creative Exploration. No spaces after the colon
[08:58]  Anatoly Learner (anatoliy.learner): I joined to this group "OCTAGON:Creative Exploration"
[08:58]  James at Lloud (lloud.laffer): Ok - best wishes everyone. RL calls me away. Enjoy the conference!


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